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Whappity whappity whap

Okay, since I have been whinging a lot recently, today I have to share with you something really cool.

This morning my trainer at the gym decided to do some boxing with me. He figured out pretty quickly that I'm a neophile, so we've been doing a lot of different stuff. Ten different ways to exercise the same muscle, that sort of thing. And today: boxing. Left and right jabs and then hooks. He had big pads on his hands and I had on boxing gloves. Bam! Bam! On my toes jab jab jab! Shoulders up, hands up, bam!

My very own Giles. Well, except nearly 20 years younger than I am, and a tall weedy American with no tweed in sight. But still! I pummeled him. It was awesome. Next he'll be throwing rubber balls at my head.
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