sweater back

I'm not sure how to pronounce that. I'll just roll the Rs a lot.

Sitting on my desk at work right now: two bottles of Four Roses bourbon (single barrel and small batch) and a bottle of Bruichladdich. Am bummed because I have them because a coworker is moving to Canada suddenly. SURPRISE CANADIANS! Sigh.

I just caused my fic archive tool to generate this sortable story index listing, but I'm pretty much convinced it's useless. You can talk me out of that if you wish.

9000 words of story written for posting Saturday, and I probably need another 6K followed by revision to reach some point where I'm happy with it all. There are some good bits in there. But why does everything I write these days become an exploration of loss or grief? Oh. Right. Never mind. But it is somewhat annoying when all I set out to write was some frivolous prawn.

Also, wank: see this and this. There are a lot of people out there on the net whose minds do not run in straight lines, and it can take a while to see enough to realize this about them. This person is definitely in the non-Euclidean geometry camp. Avoid. Take the advice given in the two posts I link to. There's more on metafandom if you have some free time to burn.

I have banninated because I don't want to show up in that person's friends listing. Grr.
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Even with That Person banned, you'll still show up on *her* friends listing, on her profile, if she has you friended.
Yeah, sigh, and I have to turn off anonymous commenting to really make the ban stick. Oh well, my husband will just have to get himself an LJ account if he wants to keep making silly comments here.

[off! off not on!]

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LoL. I actually made that silly wiki. I almost want to update it for her, with all the interesting trivia about my time working the brothels in southeast Asia and whatever else I can come up with off the cuff...
Well, ok. But I do need to warn you I only checked my name because I was there checking yours and started f-ing around. You don't really want me divulging what you did during your time in the secret service, do you?
I think you'd better. Because, you see, if it's *possible* for you to know something, then it's obviously okay for you to put it into the wiki.

Was meaning to edit my own entry, but I forgot my login. Then I realized I'd rather spend my evening writing. The net is full of crazy people, and I am too old to waste my time on them all. I've been there and done that back in the usenet days, and even contributed some of my own crazy to the world. No more.
Done. It isn't very good and prolly won't last that long on the wiki, but hey, it's still more interesting than anything could really write about me.
Looks like my edits to my own entry were undone. (I figure going there with an ad blocker firmly in place gives the jerk no cash.) Grr. Oh well. I figure it'll be irrelevant soon enough.
Heh. I continue to refuse to visit the asshat's wiki to look for myself or anybody else. Since apparently driving more hits were what her original post was all about. If I'm there, the hell with it (although it does make me retroactively glad that I've never posted any stores in ff.net, since she's got a bot pulling bios from there).

When the shit started flying, I did a little googlefoo and checked out some of her online locations (myspace, facebook, twitter etc.) for clues about what direction the crazy might take (so I could go the other way).

She had made a post on one of her social networks recently saying she'd bake cookies for any person who could drive 500 uniques to her wiki. Heh.

Looks like she figured out a way to solve that problem herself, clever girl...post a scary wanky post with convenient links, and wait for the masses to wank and rush over in anxiety to check out the info.

She's just in a lather to be recognized as an Expert on Fandom so she can cash out $$$. God spare us.
Remind me to tell you a story when we next meet IRL. Which we should do soon, with husbands perhaps for a nice meal.

ETA: also I'm seeing a theme in the metafandom links about how people realize it was a mistake to keep quiet about the previous bad behavior. People flock things for fear of drama or attracting attention. I, for one, wish they hadn't because I might have known not to have any conversations at all with this person from the get-go. I did eventually figure it out, but it took a long time of watching behavior patterns, and finally this outburst of short-sighted link farming to really clue me in. (I'll also confess I didn't spend any time really thinking about it.) Publicize the pathological, fandom! Just do it.

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Sounds good -- I'm getting over my cold, should be better by end of week. I don't know Mr West's schedule but let's connect on email and plan something.
I'm new to both LJ and fandom, and I never imagined people stupid enough to do that (*crying over my lost LJ-innocence*).
Thought I left that kind of gossip in high school years ago.

To talk about something way more interesting, can I say how much I'm waiting for your new story?
People in fandom are just like people. Most of them are sweethearts, maybe distracted or stressed by their everyday lives, but basically neat people. A few of them are damaged people, and sometimes the damage shows up in their fannish interactions. A very few of them are dangerous.

Most of the time our interactions with each other online are so shallow that we can't know for sure what the person on the other end is like, but gradually, over time, who people are comes out. I gotta say, almost everybody I've met in fandom has been in the sweetheart category.