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I'm not sure how to pronounce that. I'll just roll the Rs a lot.

Sitting on my desk at work right now: two bottles of Four Roses bourbon (single barrel and small batch) and a bottle of Bruichladdich. Am bummed because I have them because a coworker is moving to Canada suddenly. SURPRISE CANADIANS! Sigh.

I just caused my fic archive tool to generate this sortable story index listing, but I'm pretty much convinced it's useless. You can talk me out of that if you wish.

9000 words of story written for posting Saturday, and I probably need another 6K followed by revision to reach some point where I'm happy with it all. There are some good bits in there. But why does everything I write these days become an exploration of loss or grief? Oh. Right. Never mind. But it is somewhat annoying when all I set out to write was some frivolous prawn.

Also, wank: see this and this. There are a lot of people out there on the net whose minds do not run in straight lines, and it can take a while to see enough to realize this about them. This person is definitely in the non-Euclidean geometry camp. Avoid. Take the advice given in the two posts I link to. There's more on metafandom if you have some free time to burn.

I have banninated because I don't want to show up in that person's friends listing. Grr.
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