Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

If only that book were a stylistic influence. I'd be much funnier.

Someone found my fic archive using the search phrase "how do you get rid of gun powder residue", and I am thinking that alas! "Gunpowder Tea" probably didn't answer this person's question.

My plan for my second summer_of_giles posting day this Saturday: Giles, Xander, an attic in Cleveland, tattooing, knives, angst, sex, and a bit of Giles-Buffy friendship. Am unhappy with my name for the series, and am tempted to just call it "Chilly Scenes of Winter" after the playlist I compiled to get me in the mood for it, which is in turn named for the Ann Beattie novel. Which was influential on me stylistically, and I should probably re-read it some time this decade, but I don't want that specific tone in my head right now. In truth there is John Donne in my head now. Therefore, wrong title. Hmm.

Honestly my head is full of noise at the moment, noise that interferes with the deep flow state required to write. From fandom insanity to writing neuroses to work upheavals to the boring need to do dishes: I'm spinning my wheels on the launchpad and spitting, I don't know, itch.

Submarining until further notice to write madly and badly. IM will be off. In fact, all networking will be off.
Tags: whinging

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