What I'm doing right now

I'm attempting to write GX while sitting sideways in my armchair, with Macbook on my lap. Also, I am drinking a Sangre de Agave from David Wondrich's Killer Cocktails. And you?

The mood of the icon is, alas, not quite right. But it's the closest I've got.
  • Current Music: Inner Peace : Jon Hopkins : Opalescent
Re-reading "Quia amore langueo" 'cuz my allergies are kicking up bad, enjoying my new mouse, still a bit lameass at getting full use out of Wine but overall quite comfortable with Ubuntu. When I build my quad-core gamer beast, it's all Linux.
Mmmm, long BG sniffly-hurt/comfort!

We're about to replace an aging piece of hardware in the rack at our colo, and the replacement has Ubuntu on it. Mr P is attempting to get me to consider that instead of my traditional Debian. What's your take on it? This is an entirely headless server, mind you, no X Windows or desktop stuff needed.
I am drinking Hornsby's Hard Cider Amber Draft, writing SGA fic and listening to "Cecilia" on iTunes.
For some reason my mind went immediately to "Cecilia Ann", a surf classic, which is probably not what you're listening to.
Alas, no, the "Cecilia" I was listening to was Simon & Garfunkel.

How did the writing go?
Badly. Horribly. I wrote 500 words, and every single one of them was incorrect. Including "and" and "the".
Working on my gloomy medical manuscripts while listening to Noir Désir's Veuillez rendre l'âme (à qui elle appartient). And trying to find the courage to go to the local market buy things that have naturally grown.
BTW, can I friend you ?
Sitting straight up in my computer chair, eating tomato rice soup (don't ask) and checking my flist to avoid writing G/E fic because it's too bloody hot to think!
You should cool off, perhaps with an ice-filled beverage, and write G/E. Because the world needs more!