Giles/Xander 3

Bake time of this story so far: one year and counting.

I re-outlined the 1974 timetravel/Highgate Cemetery story and had a dismaying realization. I'm looking at about 30K words, and most of what I've written will need revision to fit the new approach to the story. Upsides: the story has some balance now, far more of Giles's father and his Slayer, far more of my adaptation of our wonderful Highgate tour guide (cigarette-smoking cooler-than-you protoGoth teen), lots more Highgate vamp-slaying action, and at least 50% more young!Giles-Buffy snark. Same pleasantly high angst levels at the climax, though.

It's all good, despite the extra work, and the story is starting to feel right in my head at last. I'm looking forward to some creepy atmospheric writing. Highgate is such a great place.

There is approximately zero chance I'll finish even a first draft in the next 11 days, so what you're getting is the already-in-first-draft-state Giles/Xander kinky-prawn-plus-angst Cleveland short pieces. Four of them. I have cleverly chosen the prompts to avoid completing a bingo line.
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I sure hope so. The ones I put the months of work into are always the ones people like best, so... here's hoping!
Ooooh, I look forward to this story! What is it about Highgate that makes for long stories?
It's a location for plot! And plot needs space to work itself out. Creepy supernatural plots, mmmmmm.
Ooh, you went to Highgate? I went there in 2006. It's wonderful, isn't it?

My visit spawned fic too.
I was in the UK in January, and dragged sahiya along with me for a Highgate tour. It was the highlight of my visit, it was so great. What a neat place, and what a fascinating view into a culture that is most *definitely* not ours. And it's a great setting for vampire stories!
It certainly is. Can't really think of anywhere better (though I've never really understood why Buffyverse vampires hang around in cemeteries, as there surely can't be a great deal to eat there).