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To heck with Twitter. Plurk is the right microblogging service for fandom.
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Hmm, that does look good. I like how the responses are easy to get a hold of (am not signed in, so I don't actually SEE them). And I like the timeline, too. Do you have any idea if they've solved the twitter scalability issue?
That's the million dollar question. They haven't released an API yet, and they aren't broadcasting updates over media other than their web site, so they are thus far dodging Twitter's two biggest stressors. They do have an API planned, so we'll see.
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I've friended you. I'm pretty new to the Buffy fandom - hobgoblinn and I have instituted an exchange program with the HP fandom, evidently and I just read most of your fics on recommendation from her. Love, love, LOVE your stuff!