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Ah, screw it

Just gonna crunch until I have the next segment of Blackmail postable. Want to get back to posting at least one medium-length thing a week.

This will tell you what I worked on during the day today: Hate TurboGears. Hate Pylons. Hate Django. None of them are as good as the Ruby frameworks, in particular because Python ORMs bite the big one. The problem with the Ruby frameworks is Ruby. Which is a large enough problem that I'm going to put up with Python. Or check out Storm, which seems less stone-knives-and-bearskins-ish than the others. Pylons + Routes + Storm might be less objectionable than the other choices.

Oh, Python. Why are your enthusiasts such fans of wheat germ and brewer's yeast for dessert? A little syntactic sugar never hurt anyone.

ETA: The right answer is in fact Pylons + Routes + Elixir.
Sorry to hit you with an OTP comment here, but... do I need to delete what is in the cache for Giles Watchers Today, or does it generate itself for tomorrow? Sorry if that's a stupid question, but I want to make sure I do things the right way and not screw anyone up tomorrow. :)

And personally? I'm looking forward to more Blackmail!
You don't need to do a darn thing to make tomorrow's post turn out okay. The script looks at the posting date of the most recent post in giles_watchers and only snags bookmarks newer than the post. I am supremely lazy, so I make software do all the work for me.
The problem with the Ruby frameworks is Ruby.

That's what everyone keeps telling me. Especially every time some big Ruby-based project goes temporarily belly-up (think: Twitter).
Big deployments need to think about these frameworks as prototyping tools, not as production tools. But since you always ship your prototypes... argh.

Ruby is an interesting language with a disastrous implementation, in the hands of a project team that can't plan.