I often dream of trains when I'm awake.

I'm going to go finish reading Bujold's latest Sharing Knife book in the bath, with Lush. Meanwhile, you can tell me what I'm going to do with myself this week.

Poll #1218894 FicPoll Mark XV: Vacation Edition

Week off, eh? Clearly the best use of your time is:

Finishing that work task that's blocking Grasshopper, which you should have checked in on Thursday.
Cleaning the kitchen top to bottom and decontaminating all surfaces with toxic chemicals that smell vaguely of disgruntled citrus.
Watching BSG, The West Wing, and classic Who.
Reducing the size of your reading backlog.
Writing the web app portion of your fic archive generator.
Writing fanfiction in prep for SoG day #2.

Right, that one was easy. So, here's what I most want to read:

The rest of the Giles/Xander Cleveland storyline, including that tattooing prompt response.
That Giles/Buffy alchemical trap story, no matter how hopelessly talky it is.
The Ninth Doctor crossover tagfic, with Giles, Ethan, and Buffy on the TARDIS.
No, instead continue the pre-series one with the Second Doctor, Giles, and Ethan.
Blackmail. Didn't you promise a boys night out featuring snooker with Xander?
More of that storyline where Giles and Jenny have a kid.
The Giles/Buffy timetravel one you started for last year's SOG.
Giles and Death from Sandman take tea, post-Gift.

I like my smut:

Deeply emotional
Weirdly intellectual
All of the above

I like my plots:

R L Stevensonian
Porn needs plot?

The thing I long for from fanfic and never, ever get is:

ETA: Now that I think about it, that really should have been "Chandleresque".
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Hey! It's me! I'm baa-aack!

For all of a few hours. Have to fly out for work tomorrow. Bleh. But then ConStrict, yay.

hey if you wanna put off kitchen cleaning until I can come over and participate -- I'm a big believer in cleaning by duad. Much more motivational to have somebody else to talk to, and it goes twice as fast.

I'm good for cleaning; I have a limited sense of smell, and being a doctor's child who grew up with gory medical magazines, a younger sibling, animals, etc, and who worked for a college frat/sorority type house in college (w/ cafeteria cleaning during week and party cleanup on weekends) -- there's no cleaning job that can intimidate me. I could work for one of those post-crime cleaning services that scrubs blood off of walls. Hey, a new career...

Ping me if you're around this evening -- have something from London to share, let me know when i can swing by. If not tonite, then after Vegas.
I'm home, hanging out, and actually, cleaning the kitchen. Phase one, anyway. I loathe cleaning and feel that I waste every second of my life I spend doing it, but the war with Mr P about hiring people is... a weird one that I cannot untangle or win. Swing by any time.

Constrict later this week, yay indeed!
Disgruntled citrus FTW! I did dishes tonight and sort of cleaned off my desk and associated areas this afternoon.
Did dishes, did first-pass swab of kitchen floor, then truwest cruelly interrupted me and we went out dinner. The cabinets are unwashed. Tomorrow, then.
but the war with Mr P about hiring people is... a weird one that I cannot untangle or win

Then why isn't Mr. P the one scrubbing the kitchen? Ah, you'll tell me that he does his fair share, and I'll tell you that he's welcome to continue to do so, and you can hire someone to do yours.

My husband just suddenly stopped wanting to do any cleaning around the house. I said that if he lived alone, he'd have to do it anyway. He said if he lived alone, he'd hire someone, so we did.

Unfortunately, she only comes once every other week, which leaves me having to do the lion's share anyway. We could possibly get her once a week, but I find cleaning for one's housekeeper to be a lot more work than you'd imagine.
Dude, you wanna come over and do my birds' cages after you help Antenna? Lacking a sense of smell would really be a plus, there. *g*
The downside of pets: they are machines for turning food into crap. They're quite efficient about it.
So very, very true. Still pondering how two birds of the same species who eat the same diet can produce such very different outputs.
Heh. Yep. Mr West and I agree that our two cats are factories for turning kibble and cat grass into hair and excrement.
I second the offer to help, as I always do. However, it is supposed to be really, really hot this week so remember: chemicals + EA = EMT.
I'd love to hear what you thought of the Bujold! :-)