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Who S04E13

I think I'm really pissed off. Though there's precedent. (See icon.)

I think I would have felt a lot better about it if she'd made the choice. The Pompeii episode sets it up, and this could have paid it off. All that lost, the character unchanged, the Doctor killing somebody yet again with the words "I'm so sorry"... and I wasn't sold on the necessity even in the least.

Oh well. RTD won't be doing violence to any more Who stories. I'm gonna watch some Buffy, I think. Or rec me some classic Who, maybe?
*points at icon*

That's how I feel about Donna's departure.

I think the worst part is that Donna, who is the awesomesauce, got overshadowed by RTD's precious snowflake, Rose.

I'm just a little bitter.
I thought that RTD was going to kill donna. But actually, this is her worse than being dead for the Docotr: he sees her, but she has no idea who he is.
I think I would have been okay with a death, or even with this fate if she'd chosen it for herself. For me the key failure was that she didn't have agency: she wasn't Donna figuring out the right thing to do for herself and then making it so. He was the high-handed murdering Doctor when he took that choice away from her.

Oh, sigh. Next!
No good reason for it. The script utterly failed to make me buy any of it. Tate was great fun to watch doing Tennant, just as Tennant was fun to watch doing Tate, but in the service of a lame script. Sigh.
The Pompeii episode sets it up, and this could have paid it off. All that lost, the character unchanged, the Doctor killing somebody yet again with the words "I'm so sorry"... and I wasn't sold on the necessity even in the least.

I'd like to think that either Donna would've made the choice or she would come up with a solution. The memories are still there, she just doesn't have access to them, and it would be nice if she came up with a solution and executes it in her brilliant DoctorDonna way. Because it's canon that she's cleverer than the Doctor thanks to her humanness. Yes?
The problem with me and RTD is that I keep wanting to fix his scripts for him. I see the story he wants to tell, and I need to stop everything and explain to him how to achieve the effects he wants.

For instance, I can explain what's wrong at the core of "Turn Left". The problem with "Turn Left" is... the choice he chooses to focus on is a meaningless one. Donna makes a seemingly random decision: choose between two fairly unambitious jobs, as dramatized by turning left or right at an intersection. It's a random moment in a random lifestream. How is she to suspect it's pivotal? How is the viewer supposed to understand its importance? What aspect of character is illustrated by the choice?

RTD almost gets that point, because he attempts, weakly, to tie the choice to Donna giving into her dreadful mother. But it isn't enough. It isn't Donna in a strong character moment. Another problem is that it's simply too early. The Donna who was getting married to Lance is Donna at the start of her arc, and the Donna who decides to turn left not right is just not even in the running. Give us Donna deciding something meaty, a step-up-and-act choice, and you've given us a story.

I think this bad story instinct makes "Turn Left" rotten at the core. Could have been good with a bit of script doctoring, though probably not a story really worth telling.

Bad story instinct is again in evidence in this script, at least by my thinking. Well, the script's an overall mess because of its need to spend time on zillions of side characters. I'm very happy to see Jackie Tyler again, because she's fun, but the script wasted precious minutes on her that it could have spent developing its story. So we're rushed to start with, so the DoctorDonna thing is a bit deus-ex-y, and then the collapse is... sudden. The Doctor spends time sending off each of the characters in a series of fan-wank moments, and then we got OMG Donna's mind melting! in just a minute of screen time. And then he kills her (in one sense; we react to the results as if it's a death).

Sell that setup to me, let Donna understand it, let Donna make the choice, and I'm okay. As it is, I just wanna yell at the guy about what the hero's choice is.
The whole thing was utter fanwank and SO predictable.

Rose was good in S1 with Eccles - then she turned into this adoring little puppy and then into this person who was so obsessed that she (or Torchwood or whatever) built a dimension cannon to stalk the Doctor across Universes. And she ends up with her own pet lifesize Doctor action figure.

Donna however was shit on from a great height by RTD - I honestly don't think I'll ever forgive him for that.

I've said this before but this is not MY doctor I'm watching - this is something else entirely.
If I shipped Ten/Rose, I would probably be feeling bruised after that episode, because that isn't going to be a happy ending for either one of them. Oof. Ouch. Okay, next tv show, please?
Such a pity about the huge barbs on that Galifreyan penis, though...

...I was going to say, but Donna would have stared more...
I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth at the Ten/Rose fanwank alternate universe extra doctor thing. Ick. That's just too fanfic-ish.

Grandpa (Wilfred) always makes me cry for some reason. He just loves Donna so much.

But it pissed me off that Rose got to look in the heart of the Tardis and not go crazy or lose her memories, but Donna had to get her mind wiped. Unfair, unfair.

I did like Martha and Jack and Mickey/Rickey walking off together, that was nice. I like the idea of the three of them being Torchwood-ish together.
hmm. obviously her mind isn't _wiped_ or they could tell her what happened without consequences.

What sucks about her character arc is all the crap about not being a nobody is wasted with the "wipe". Nobdy once more!

Dr. Donna was OP, however, had to go somehow. Did you notice she was bragging about being a temp, not ashamed?