Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Prompt tables: yer doing it wrong

Yesterday had strong idea for angsty Giles/Buffy friendship with background of kinky G/X, to continue storyline ignited by kink_bingo prompts. Have short fic outlined. Now, which prompt would fit? Rummages through list. Really not thinking breathplay here. Crossdressing? Ha. Hand fetish is not so bad, 'cause there's a lot of stuff about hands there for various reasons. Except, um, for the total lack of sexual contact in an angst-fest about murder and paternalism. And other things. Will move as far as smarm cheerfully, and no further, thus making kink prompts a bit--

Oh snap.

In another sense, the prompt table served its purpose admirably. Because I needed more ideas and more dangling storylines in my head.

Oh snap.
Tags: letter to self

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