Prompt tables: yer doing it wrong

Yesterday had strong idea for angsty Giles/Buffy friendship with background of kinky G/X, to continue storyline ignited by kink_bingo prompts. Have short fic outlined. Now, which prompt would fit? Rummages through list. Really not thinking breathplay here. Crossdressing? Ha. Hand fetish is not so bad, 'cause there's a lot of stuff about hands there for various reasons. Except, um, for the total lack of sexual contact in an angst-fest about murder and paternalism. And other things. Will move as far as smarm cheerfully, and no further, thus making kink prompts a bit--

Oh snap.

In another sense, the prompt table served its purpose admirably. Because I needed more ideas and more dangling storylines in my head.

Oh snap.
If you did write a hand fetish fic would you give Giles a damaged right hand? In fics there's a lot about Giles having great hands, long elegant fingers etc and that's cool, but ASH doesn't. There seems to be a serious case of fan-blindness about this. Which is weird because chracter wise if you wanted to go down that route then it's another thing for Giles to be self-conscious about etc and it could show that Angel really knew what he was doing because by busting Giles' left hand he effectively bust both.

Above all else this post made me happy. I like that you have more ideas, it means there is more excellent fic on the horizon :-)
Ha. It's funny you should mention this, because in fact I have a very long fic in progress in which Angelus mangles two fingers on Giles's right hand. It's one item in a long list of Giles Angst Inducers in that story. I call the storyline sort of epic hurt-comfort Watcher/Slayer bonding magic prophecy angst romance fic. With swords.

Couldn't help but notice ASH's business with his hand, though it honestly took me four seasons of BtVS to pick up on it. It was the guitar-playing scene that tipped me off. Once seen, impossible to un-see, of course.

However! I think it's clear that ASH, Joss, etc, do not intend this to be a character issue for Giles. It's a fact about the actor, our imperfect shadow cast on the wall of the cave, not of the ur-Giles in that other universe. Rich vein of gold to mine for character stuff, yeah, but I think it's optional when one is writing about Giles.
"I call the storyline sort of epic hurt-comfort Watcher/Slayer bonding magic prophecy angst romance fic. With swords."

I'll just be sat quietly in a corner waiting for that one - sounds like a very good read.