Story archive usability questions: always fun!

Random question in re: story archive design for single-author archives. Um, which is a fancy way of saying "hey, that web site where I sling up all my stories".

With 74 stories to list, the index page begins to be long, and even the series list is long. Is this length still manageable? Do you want serieses broken out onto their own pages, or is keeping them on the index page with all the info in one place better? Do you browse for things you haven't read or instead want to zero in on a specific story?

If you wanted to, say, find all of my Giles/Jenny stories, how would you do so? Is it obvious or not?

I realize you're a bit of a skewed audience, since if you're commenting on this post you're more likely to be a regular reader. The experience of somebody who drops in and wants to find something interesting to read is different.

I need to find a new way to display information in the story header sections. It's absurd to have things like "Date:" there when that's self-explanatory. Some day, some day I will have a reasonable archive design! I have next week off, and I think one thing I'm going to do is write the web app portion of this project. Or at least start it. Right now you don't want to know what I do to inject new stories into the database. (Okay, it's not as bad as it might be: I edit yaml by hand.)
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My first insight is: Header material that's appropriate on a multi-poster chaotic site like LJ is not appropriate on a single-author archive. The content, that is, the story, matters more. The solution is to omit most of it, and put the rest in a footer. Here's my reasoning.

The header material falls into two rough categories:
- discovery
- afterword

Items like pairing, warnings (aka advertisements), tags, summary, rating, and so on are tools the reader uses when deciding if she wants to read a story. Once the decision has been made ("yes, I want to read a teen-rated post-series story about a Giles/Spike romance"), they're irrelevant. The story text is what matters. So that material belongs in indexes, pages where the reader is browsing looking for something tasty.

That leaves notes, acknowledgments, awards and so on. These belong with the story, but are less important than the story. They should follow it as footer material, not header material, in a single-author archive.

How's that sound?
That actually sounds pretty damn perfect. That also means you could probably get away with reducing some of the header label information (esp. the word date *grin*) See, i knew all it was going to take was a little of your clear-thinking brainpower.

(oh, and thanks for pimping SOG on GilesNaughty, btw)