Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

FIC LINK: four stories about Giles and Xander (FRM)

Today was my day at summer_of_giles and I have posted four short pieces. All Giles/Xander, all rated mature for sexual situations and themes. Post-series, set on the once-canonical Cleveland Hellmouth. They're written to prompts from my kink_bingo card, but are not particularly kinky or smutty.

"Bootprints" (prompt is "vehicular")
"Bent" (watersports, but fluffy)
"Banter" (dirty talk)
"Weapons" (knifeplay, thus has mild bloodplay)

I have two more to post, one of them finished and ready to go. But the next one in the sequence is definitely not yet finished (the emotional tenor of my first try at an ending was all wrong) and it's the centerpiece of the storyline. Maybe tomorrow? Or tonight if I catch fire in the next two hours.
Tags: fic:giles/xander, fiction, kink bingo, series:attic, summer of giles
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