dr who 2

This fan feels well-served.

A long series of incredibly spoilerish yays :
Yay, Gwen!
Yay, Sarah Jane Smith!
Yay, Rose with a huge gun! Go go go!

Me, presented with the pre-credits skyscape: Well, that's impossible.
Mr Pedia: They did tell you it was impossible.

What is the Shadow Proclamation? Oh, the Judoon dudes, kk.
That UNIT dude's American accent is painful. Possibly as painful as fake British accents on American TV are?

Yay, Daleks!
Yay, Jack, for kissing them both and confounding the crazy shippers!

Dalek ships instantly appearing: that's a few megadeaths, I assume.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war." Pure cliche, and if I never hear it again in another screenplay it will be too soon.

Now the Doctor exposits about the Shadow Proclamation to Donna, mercifully briefly.
Yay, Donna being stubborn and correct!
Hrm, the move the Earth reference must be to classic Who. Darn me for not having watched it all already.

Yay, the Dalek hating UNIT!

If there's anything we know about Martha, it's that she isn't scattered into atoms. It's not that sort of show. Sigh.

Yay Donna's granddad! Paintgun: nice try. And Rose blasts it.
Donna: let the dude think. Shut up! He's not giving up yet and everybody knows it.

Is that my favoritest character ever, Harriet Jones, PM? YAY! The fan service here is extreme. Jack, you are irrepressible, and way more fun in Who than ever in Dorkwood.
Harriet Jones: "Millions of phones calling out at once."
Mr P: "And as suddenly silenced!"
Note, however, that they are just ambiguous enough about her fate that they can bring her back if they want. Yes, crazy fan speaking here.

I had to look up Davros. Remind me to watch all of classic Who some time soon, would you?

Rose! The Doctor! The touching reunion scene! The way-too-long run to meet each other!
Mr Pedia: We need a Dalek to interject now. It's gonna be too sappy.
And right on cue, a Dalek!
And Jack.
And regeneration. Can he come back as Chris Eccleston, please?
And SJS threatened, Ianto & Gwen threatened...
Me: "It has to end in the next few seconds, with all of this stuff hanging."
Right on cue, the end. Yay!

Mr Pedia: Next week, Davros, the Hands of Fate.

The non-spoiler version: That was fun! Completely crazy, but fun! Can't wait until next week.
It was brilliant, wasn't it? The divine Mr Ecclestone might come back. There was a reference to the Dr being the 'three-fold man' which made my fannish heart beat faster and dreams of Tennant, Ecclestone and Davidson sharing the screen fill my mind. My ideal three would be Tennant, Ecclestone and Troughton but I can see a huge problem with that one, alas.

If you are going to watch some classic Who and haven't already seen them, then I rec 'Pirate Planet' and 'Shada'. They're both Tom Baker era stories (boo, do not like) BUT are worth it for Douglas Adams' loopy scripts.
We have watched one of the Douglas Adams scripts! We watched the City of Death serial, with Romana and Four in Paris. We've also watched some Two and some Three. Three is a hoot in those velvet capes, but I love Two's slyness.
"The Pirate Planet" is pure and total crack. It's also part of the Key to Time series, most of which is well worth seeing--just skip "The Power of Kroll", it's like third-season ST:TOS.
Noted and logged. It'll be easy to lure Mr P into watching this with me, because he likes classic Who and, hey, who can resist DNA?
Ya know, I hoped you taped this, because otherwise I am Who-less. Would love to see this (both parts).
I have it on disk as an AVI file. The conclusion is next week, and I'll make sure I have that for you too. The whole season, in fact, if you need it.
Eeeeeexcellent. We can play all this stuff on the flat screen, and get this: my living room is 50% more de-cluttered than it was.
*nod nod nod*

*joins you in the Yay! squeeage*

I'm still speechless - will have to rewatch to process, but I think I'm a bit in love with Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister right about now, and I felt really bad for poor Rose being out-of-the-loop-girl for most of the ep, but I adore Whovian-Capt. Jack. Want next ep now!
Why is Cap't Jack so much more fun on Who? Torchwood is just so grim and doom and gloom. I love it when he flirts all the way to disaster and beyond. (Disclaimer: I have not in fact recovered from the whale episode, and haven't watched a single thing since that one out of sheer disgust.)

Harriet Jones: I swear, I've been mad at Ten since his first appearance because of what he did to her.
Oh, the "alien meat" ep! It made me cry. Absolutely hated that the poor creature just lay there and got hacked into and chopped up - and then, exterminated! Come to think of it, S2 was rather grim and depressing.

Back to The Stolen Earth: Captain Jack is much more fun on DW. Loved the world ending and Captain Jack still trying to flirt with everyone, and all those who know him frustrating his efforts. "Not now, Captain!" "Don't, just . . . don't." Made me giggle. Much love for Harriet Jones, FPM. She showed such grace and dignity.


Can it be next week yet?
*points at icon*

That is pretty much my reaction for this episode. By the end, I was literally on the edge of my seat. I mean, wow!
Is that my favoritest character ever, Harriet Jones, PM? YAY!

I'm so into both Harriet and the actress (Penelope Wilton) that I was sadly spoiled for her appearance just from seeing her name in the damn credits. Did you see "Shaun of the Dead"? She was so good in that.

I just assumed she died -- thanks for pointing out the ambiguity -- it would be great if she just keeps on refusing to die. I'm not sure I see how Gwen and Ianto will escape death, either, but who knows.

I do wonder whether than "Hand in a Jar" back in Torchwood is going to play any part in next week's episode, vis-a-via the regeneration.
I do wonder whether than "Hand in a Jar" back in Torchwood is going to play any part in next week's episode, vis-a-via the regeneration.

Funny you should say that, I noticed the Hand was very prominently displayed at the foot of the dias of the Tardis.

And OMG!!!!!!!!!! btw...
Subtext is good. I love subtext. I just haven't found a Giles/Ethan icon I like lol.

On a side note, my mum recognised the UNIT dude and I looked him up - he's a gen-u-ine American from Brooklyn but she reckons he's been over here for years so that probably explains the accent. See Stuart Milligan for same. (I still can't decide if I prefer him to ASH as Adam Klaus, don't hate me lol!)
Jack used the hand to find the doctor a dozen eps back and the doctor confiscated it.
When first I saw Harriet Jones, Member of Parliament, I said to Mr P, "Hey! It's Shaun's mum!"

They made sure they showed us the hand in a jar, so having it play into the regeneration somehow would make sense to me. (Not that I really demand the rest of this plot make sense. I'm just along for the ride here.)
I suspect he comes back with a third hand smack in the middle of his forehead. You didn't see _that_ coming.

I was wondering if you atomized him in the middle of regeneration, if each little speck would regenerate into a separate little Doctor Who.

Each one a few inches tall.