Oh noes! The wordle sensation that's sweeping the nation.

From subduction via paian, a new sort of meme, revised slightly.

Behind the cut are three Wordle images created from stories I'm currently working on. Here's how it works:

1. Pick one and take a guess at what might be going on. (Or just make something up.) Write at least a one-sentence summary of what you imagine the story to be about.
2. I'll take those summaries -- one from each of the first five commenters, more if inspiration strikes -- and write snippets, which will hopefully bear no resemblance whatsoever to the actual story I'm working on. If your summary nails the actual story, I'll post a snippet of the actual WIP instead.
3. You can write your own comment ficlet inspired by the words.
4. Or you can run away with a plotbunny of your very own.
5. And you can do this yourself in your journal if you feel like it.

Wordle for story in progress #1
Wordle for story in progress #2
Wordle for story in progress #3
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Only one I can figure - #1: Pre-Eygon, Giles/Ethan bondage fun, trying to decide who to take to the Eygon dance.
I massaged the data for them and the patterns are more obvious. #1 change I made was to reduce the number of times their names appear in the word lists. Heh.
and you have earned...
Buffy's stomach growled. Loud and long, and hideously obvious in the acoustics of the cave. Giles glanced back at her, then picked up the energy bar. He ripped back the wrapper. He snapped it in half and slid one half back into the package. Then he handed the remaining half to Buffy. She snorted and broke that in half and handed a chunk to him.

"Your metabolism--"

"Shut up and eat your piece. I need you functional."

Giles nodded, a simple acknowledgement without giving in to her in the least, and bit into his quarter. Buffy did the same. She wondered if she should try to make it last or something practical like that. It might be the last food she ate, this thing that tasted like sugar, chemicals, and something that might have been intended to be chocolate chip cookie. Thinking about cookies made it worse. Buffy chewed and swallowed. It was going to have to be enough.

"I'll not be buying this brand again," Giles said, thoughtfully.

"Hold that thought," Buffy said. She scooped up the multitool and sorted through the fold-out parts. Pliers, two kinds. A wire cutter, which she'd seen Giles put to good use many times. Screwdriver bits. Two knive blades, a file, and a serrated thingie. And, of course, a bottle opener dingus. You never knew when you were going to need one of those. Buffy sighed, and folded it so the serrated thing was deployed.
Re: and you have earned...
For my second day, I think, because this one needs a lot more time. They're just getting going with the snark-talk, and they have a long way to go.
Well, that last one must be the Giles/Xander you've just started.

How/where does one make these things?