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Oh noes! The wordle sensation that's sweeping the nation.

From subduction via paian, a new sort of meme, revised slightly.

Behind the cut are three Wordle images created from stories I'm currently working on. Here's how it works:

1. Pick one and take a guess at what might be going on. (Or just make something up.) Write at least a one-sentence summary of what you imagine the story to be about.
2. I'll take those summaries -- one from each of the first five commenters, more if inspiration strikes -- and write snippets, which will hopefully bear no resemblance whatsoever to the actual story I'm working on. If your summary nails the actual story, I'll post a snippet of the actual WIP instead.
3. You can write your own comment ficlet inspired by the words.
4. Or you can run away with a plotbunny of your very own.
5. And you can do this yourself in your journal if you feel like it.

Wordle for story in progress #1
Wordle for story in progress #2
Wordle for story in progress #3
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