Giles/Xander question

I'm holding out on you

Hrm. I just finished a ridiculous 1200-word Giles/Xander kink thing, but I think I'm not going to post it. I'm going to hang onto it in case I face-plant with this alchemical trap Giles/Buffy story. Due one week from today, and maybe 2/3rds of the way into a first draft. This is not auspicious.

I might be able to push through and finish "Rough Boys" for next week, since it's nearly all the way to a second draft.

Writing's been difficult for me recently, not because of anything with the stories themselves, but because of external stressors. Work demands on my mental energy. The heat. House renovation annoyances. (If I can use the word "renovation" to describe a thus-far unsuccessful attempt to replace my stupid kitchen range.)

Whine, whine. I think what I need is the morning's first cup of coffee, which is at least two hours overdue.
Hey, I'm sure Seldom will agree - we can take care of Giles Watchers for a week, give you some more time to write.
Can you finish off the [REDACTED] project for me? The networking segment needs to be written to poll no more than N times an hour, and only when the [REDACTED] proxy has sent us a notification. Plus I still haven't written the paging for the user view-- what if there are 1000 users to be shown there? Fixed grid of N boxes, where N is exactly how many fit on the screen, fake the scrollbar, lazy evaluation what gets shown. Probably have to write a last-used cache of users to keep memory use sane. (Simple queue algorithm, there, don't use timestamps, pull out of the list and shove on the end when something gets used. When you need a new one, just pop the head of the queue. Easiest if you implement the queue as a doubly-linked list-- removal and reinsertion becomes a mere handful of operations.)

It's just typing. Easy enough. Have at it!
Shit. Now I want to write this instead of my story. No working on weekends! No! And this is the most absurd manner of procrastinating I've found yet.
Any Turing-complete language will work :) Okay, that's enough of that. Back to writing. Send coffee!
Don't worry about me. I'm just whinging, wittering, and whining. Throw popcorn at me until I shut up.
Shh. ::pets::
The stove is on its way. Heck, it made it to your doorstep once already. It will all be fine. Remember, the installers are workmen and will do what you tell them to, so next time, it goes in- period. You couldn't have baked this weekend anyway, so if you'd had it sitting there the weather would have been all that much more annoying. It will be cooler this week and you will be able to use the range without melting, so it's all good. :)
Right. Stove installed, no questions asked. Contractor to deal with the hood separately. A sledgehammer to deal with Mr P when he cavils at what's going to happen with the cabinet. AAAAAAAAGH why can't this be easy?
Because it's the first change and your house has been static a long time. That's all. It makes it seem like the change is hard. But it's not, really. You're going on with your regular stove just like any normal day. Then you call a contractor and they make things go right in a few hours one day. Make Mr. P go in to work that day. It will be easier on both of you. If you want, both go in to work and I'll come roost on your couch and play WoW while they bash stuff. Heck, if I level up my BS, I probably wouldn't even notice the noise... ;)