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Works in progress, the scary mid-2008 list

For my own thinking and planning purposes. Check it out if you're curious what I have cooking. If this list seems absurd, it's because it is absurd.

Title Pairing Description Progress Due Date
That Alchemical Trap Story Giles/Buffy Buffy wakes up in a cave, next to an unconscious Giles. It's a puzzle. Lots of magic. 6500 words June 30 for summer_of_giles
A Broken Vessel Giles/Ethan Blackmail-verse, preseries, a bit grim. Pre-series, pre-Eyghon, Giles has doubts. 5K words For SoG July 26?
Blackmail 3: "Liegeman" Giles/Buffy Kinktastic G/B season 4 retelling, in 70 parts of about 1500-2000 words each. 1st part posted. Remaining 6 parts exist in rough outline with some segments more written than others. in progress  
"Rough Boys" Giles/Xander Heavy kink set at end of S4. 7600 words and rising for July SoG?
The Signet Ring (working) Giles/Buffy, sorta Buffy's run away. Giles is trying to find her. So is Willow, in her way, only the spell goes a out of control and sends Buffy further than Willow expected. Further in time, that is. 11K words  
  Helios Hyperion, whatever the next number is Giles/Buffy Giles and Buffy wake up the next morning, and find their fake memories of Dawn are gone. They have real memories of the last three years, and a lot of questions. vague notes  
"Back by Teatime" Giles/Ethan, Second Doctor Giles and Ethan long for adventures, something to relieve the tedium of school. And they get one. vague outline  
  "Into the Fray" Giles/Ethan, Ninth Doctor, Buffy, Rose The morning after Buffy overturns his flat to cook Thanksgiving dinner, another sort of overturn happens: a blue police box appears in his courtyard. Giles knows what that means. Next tagfic. vague notes  
Cloud Animals, "Partners" 2 Giles/Xander Soft, gentle, post-Chosen G/X series. Wesley is grumpy. Kennedy is grumpy. Cardiff is overrun. Xander is about to screw up. 2600 words on hold
Tradition & Protocol Giles/Buffy Cracktastic season 4 retelling in progress. Next section still where it was two months ago. Outlined, half written.  
Ars Draconis 4 Giles/Buffy partnership Swords and sorcery gen season 5 rework. I have an overall story outline, but no detailed outline for the next section, and a lot of internal conflict about what needs to happen. Aside from the climactic scene, which I've had clear in my head for months.    
"Readings" guess Season 5, mix of drama and comedy. Giles does a Tarot reading to help himself end his romantic funk, but gets answers he doesn't want to hear. And then Ethan shows up. 10K words  
  Reconnection 4 Giles/Buffy Willow's on the run, but there's a wedding to plan. notes  
untitled, Cloud Animals-verse Giles/Xander Xander and Willow conspire to give Giles something he's always wanted. Schmooptastic. For secondalto, pay-it-forward meme. Three paragraphs of a single scene. July 2008
"Breaking Glass"-verse Giles/Buffy Aka the NaNoWriMo project, aka the Christian Watcher-Slayer bond novel. Nearly 60K words of story, starting in season 2 with Jenny Calendar dead, ending up in England with Quentin Travers, er... something. Religion, guilt, amends, prophecy, sacrifice & reward, lost artifacts, history drowned deep. Epic hurt/comfort. The story I want most to write. 60K words, about 50%  
The Adventure of the Sigerson Crypt gen High school Scoobies in a modern retelling of the "Musgrave Ritual." Part 1 written, outline written, stuck stuck stuck. 0  
And Wesley Makes Four Giles/Wesley, Buffy/Willow Smutty hijinks at a vacation house on the coast. Wesley's point of view. 3700 words  
Untitled Giles/Buffy-ish BtVS/HP crossover. Post-Chosen, HP book 4. Quidditch must happen. For xdawnfirex for Pay It Forward meme. goose egg July 2008
"Displaced Watcher" sequel gen Crossover with the universe of Sherlock Holmes. Loose plan exists; Giles, Buffy, Holmes, and Watson, versus... Ethan and Moriarty? No way.    
"outdoor sex" prompt Giles/Buffy For the kink_bingo card, as voted on by the flist.    
"tattoo" prompt Giles/Xander Another kink_bingo prompt that caught me when I polled you all.    
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