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I don't understand the fandomsecrets secrets about how people would jaunt off with the Doctor. This is something to keep secret? Not a natural, normal impulse that the show is supposed to awaken, at least a little bit, in every viewer? The frustrated astronaut lurking in all of us?

Not secret: Of course I'd hop a ride on the Tardis. Duh. I fully expect Mr Pedia would do the same. It would be inconvenient, but the opportunity of a lifetime, and I suspect we'd think less of each other if we didn't leap on it.
Well, yeah. Who wouldn't want to take the trip of a lifetime- or several?
I would understand a guilty little whisper about wanting to scrog the doctor in one form or another, but travel in the TARDIS? Not wanting to should be the secret.
I add my vote to these sentiments.

And by the way, what are some *good* Second Doctor episodes? I've seen "The Mind Robber" and was Less Than Thrilled.
I liked "Tomb of the Cybermen", which includes the Doctor being sneaky, some Jamie-clinging, and some classic Cybermen things.
I agree. I saw those posts too and thought it was an impulse created by the show. The companions are ordinary humans, like us. They are us. I think what people see as the secret is actually the desire to leave their current life and just escape it by living a more adventurous one.
But again! I'd leave my life for a more adventurous one, no problem! And no problem admitting that my life is kinda boring at the moment. It's a good life, but a dull one.

I do wonder if the wish is code for more drastic and dreary statements about how much they hate their lives.
Wouldn't be that much more inconvenient than traveling by bus in Ecuador, and there probably wouldn't be any chickens to contend with. Or dead fish (though that time the passengers rebelled and made the guy strap it to the roof).

I'd try to take time to let people know I'd be gone for awhile, so as to avoid panic a la Rose's family, but yeah, I'd do it in a second (am not an adrenaline junky, but I am a travel junky and a trying new things junky).
I remember watching The Runaway Bride and not being able to understand why Donna wouldn't go with the Doctor. I believe there was actual yelling at the screen for her to go.

Hell, I would be knocking people down for the opportunity to get into the TARDIS. Dalek in the way? Pfft. Not an issue.

It was baffling! She'd just had her groom turn out to be evil in a big way, and her wedding shot up. I mean, what did she have to lose? Well, she repented, and busted her butt to find a way to get back aboard.
I was watching the episode today, and have decided that she was just so overwhelmed by Lance's betrayal that her judgment was impaired. (No, I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about running away with the Doctor and trying to figure out why someone wouldn't want to. Not at all.)