Today is think time, the plan before the plunge.

I dunno what you're doing with your day, but I'm spending mine watching Synth Pr0n. That is, videos of the Cars playing live and other fun things showcasing classic analog synths. That's a Vox Continental at the bottom of his stack, but most of the characteristic sound is a miniKorg. (I'm not much of a musician, but making sounds with things is my other hobby. Kinda dormant at the moment. I have so far failed in my resolution to get myself guitar lessons this summer.) For an antidote, please do listen to this recent cover of "My Best Friend's Girl" by Greg Hawkes and some friends.

Comfort music: the music of my high school years. Easy to listen to, all those New Wave bands. But I'm also liking Honeyroot 2007 album, The Sun Will Come. "Every Single Day" has the hooky nature of a hit.

And hey! Happy birthday to kendermouse! I hope you are having a good one, full of things that make you grin.
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New Wave *was* cheery, even when it was doomy. :-)

Have a lovely rest of Thursday!
I'm having a blast listening to all that fun stuff. Synths and skinny ties and funny angular lead singers!
Oh, I adored new wave. ::dreamysigh:: Right down to the snap tank tops and BDU's I begged from my brother's friend to look the part. Thankfully almost all my family's pictures were destroyed. ;)
Somewhere my father has boxes full of embarrassing slides. I can only hope that a tragic film chemistry mishap when they were developed, 30 year ago, has now resulted in boxes full of useless paper squares. I can only hope.
thank you!

my birthday was fun. Ma'am took me to dinner then, wild women that we are, we went back to my place and sat around talking story until late in the evening. ::grin::

thanks for the well wishes.