Oh noes! meta-memage

Have just learned about anonymous kink memes. Does the Buffyverse need something like that? I would go for one where the requests were kinks like "h/c" and "wanton snuggling" and "flannel pajamas" as well as the usual. Though lords knows why I want something like that, when I have three juicy prompts from the last poll waiting to be written. Oh, I remember why: it's because I'm procrastinating like mad for my summer_of_giles story.

clavally is doing a desktop screenshot meme, so here's mine at the moment:

Desktop 17 June 2008

Post yours, or something.

Random link for today: A puzzle built into a 5th Avenue apartment. If I ever have ten million dollars to spare, I'm definitely doing something like that.

Random link 2: Alex Faaborg on the visual design done for Firefox 3, released today. The goal was improved visual integration with its native environments. And I will say that it looks more like a Mac app to me, though it still doesn't behave enough like one.
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Ah yes, you have pretty scenery, as well, I see.

And that apartment thing is about the coolest thing ever. What better way to spend an afternoon than solving the riddle of your own house?
I love that the architect just went and did it, and the clients were relaxed enough to feel that this was a great idea. Wild story.
Ooh, what DID you do to your Dock? I'm assuming its the shadowy programs at the bottom.
*clicks* Aw, no Leopard. Ah well, one more reason for me to move back to Tiger if my scary annoying Wi-Fi problem ever reappears :P
That looks like a Leopard thing. If you are still running 10.4 (as I am) you won't have this kind of Dock.

For various reasons that reduce to laziness, I'm still not running Leopard on my laptop, though I'm running it on all of my desktops already. My Dock is hidden in that screenshot. It slides out from the right and is pinned at the bottom of the screen, so the trash is in a predictable location. The minimized windows are from the Windowshade haxie; link given somewhere above. [edited for spelling]

Edited at 2008-06-18 09:34 pm (UTC)
yay, nice Mac desktop :) What instant message client are you using? It looks far more elegant than Adium that I'm using.
Adium is so very customizable it might even be Adium ...

Why can't they just make Firefox act and look like Camino again?
Sweet, I knew it.

I use some of those same customizations (but not as many). Adium is one of the very coolest Mac apps ever, or really in general. I have a friend who was formerly mostly an XP/Vista user, and he loved Adium so much he grudgingly swung around a bit. He keeps saying he wishes more Mac apps (and apps in general) were like Adium.