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It's a thrill a minute here.

What I did yesterday:
- Did a new journal layout featuring one of wickedfox's new manips, which makes me think about stories in the universe of "Breaking Glass", for reasons hard to explain. Icon related.
- Improved the information design of my story archive a tad. It's approaching decent. Need to spend more time thinking about it.
- Worked on "That Alchemical Trap Story" a bunch. It's due in 2 weeks, so I figure I'd better. It's at 5K words now, and will probably be three times that when I'm done.

What I did today:
- Work.
- Forgot to eat anything.
- More work.
- Forgot to get coffee.

What I will do tomorrow:
- Get my ass kicked by the personal trainer again.
- Work.
- Remember to eat lunch.

Random link for today: A floorplan of 221B Baker Street. All items shown mentioned in a story somewhere.
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