Giles/Buffy sword

It's a thrill a minute here.

What I did yesterday:
- Did a new journal layout featuring one of wickedfox's new manips, which makes me think about stories in the universe of "Breaking Glass", for reasons hard to explain. Icon related.
- Improved the information design of my story archive a tad. It's approaching decent. Need to spend more time thinking about it.
- Worked on "That Alchemical Trap Story" a bunch. It's due in 2 weeks, so I figure I'd better. It's at 5K words now, and will probably be three times that when I'm done.

What I did today:
- Work.
- Forgot to eat anything.
- More work.
- Forgot to get coffee.

What I will do tomorrow:
- Get my ass kicked by the personal trainer again.
- Work.
- Remember to eat lunch.

Random link for today: A floorplan of 221B Baker Street. All items shown mentioned in a story somewhere.
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cool floorplan link. Sorry work is so workish of late. We converted to the new overlords' network over the weekend, so very little was actually working right today. And my boss continues his unaccountable "please fire me" behavior. I like the guy, but at this point, I think we're all about done with him.

Don't forget coffee tomorrow, and have a better day.
Networking foo is miserable. If it's any consolation, Giant Famous Software Company, the one that ate my company, also completely screwed up the networking they installed for us. And to put the capper on it, the contractors they hired to run the new wiring stole a whole bunch of stuff from people's offices. Things like prototype hardware and laptops. Really charming.

The sarcastic person in me wants to make a snide comment about the quality of the work from GFSC being about what I expected from them.

I am sorry to read about your boss. You never know what's going on with people. He might really want to quit, but not know how.
I came across this BtVS floorplan compilation recently. Kind of neat-o.

Like the new layout. I enjoy the other ones you've had, but I find the stories difficult to read when the words have pictures behind them.
The previous background image was bothering me for the same reason. I put a premium on readability, and on designs that let people bump up the font size until they're comfy, without breaking.

And thanks for that floor plan link! I'm going with the plan for Giles's apartment, 'cause it has the room that Xander slept in in AO&P. Hee!
Yay! Useful apartment data for Giles's next visit there.

Have remembered breakfast just now. Lunch is always harder. I might have to start packing one.
I like the new layout very much! Might be on chat later if you can lift your head from work.
I should be around at my desk post ass-kicking. I have a very tedious programming task to do, the kind that involves no thought, just typing, and consoling chat would be welcome.