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Contractually obligatory mid-week post

I did some tinkering with my story archive, particularly on the tags and pairings pages to experiment with some info design concepts. And to get myself going with Prototype, the hugely popular Javascript framework for ajax-y things. Am not happy with its current graphical design, sigh. I'm such a plodder when it comes to the visual. Anyway. Tell me what you think of that concept for displaying tags.

The tags themselves are amusing. I need to do another pass through all the stories to add a few content tags, but the ones that are there are somewhat alarming about recent trends in my writing. I really should make myself write 100% pure gen for a while.

I have been outlining my first story for summer_of_giles. I have a strict schedule for myself that should end up with a draft being done in time for a sane beta-read and significant revisions. Ha. Ha. It's not one of the two stories I told my poor beta-reader I intended to write. I think the way to get me to write a specific story is to have me definitively commit to writing something else.

I note that of the three stories planned for SoG, none are gen. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Speaking of Summer of Giles, it's off to a good start! I'm thrilled with everything so far. I call out kivrin's stories for your attention if you'd like to start with something short: "A Proposition" (gen, with Lilah) and "Don't Forget" (G/X UST).
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