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Kink Bingo card 1

kink_bingo card, in jpeg format.

sleepy/unconscious glory holes humiliation (public) hand fetish knifeplay
bondage (immobility) temperature play penance/punishment crossdressing (underwear/lingerie) tattooing
outdoor sex branding shaving (wild card) plushies/furries vehicular
double penetration (one hole) sensation play sensory deprivation (touch) voyeurism caning
breathplay exhibitionism tickling dirty talk watersports

"A Bottle of Jack Daniels Following Apocalypse" (BtVS, Giles/Buffy + Xander, voyeurism)
"Gifts" (BtVS, Giles/Buffy, outdoor sex)
"A Broken Vessel 1/3" (BtVS, Giles/Ethan, caning)
"Blowtorch" (BtVS, Giles/Buffy, branding)

G/X kink responses in order:

"Bootprints" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, vehicular)
"Bent" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, watersports)
"Banter" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, dirty talk)
"Timeout", (BtvS, Giles/Xander, sensation play)
"Trio", (BtvS, Giles/Xander, sleepy/unconscious)
"Weapons" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, knifeplay)
"Untitled" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, penance/punishment)
"Blood" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, hand fetish)
"Memory" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, tattooing)
"Rollercoaster" (BtVS, Giles/Xander, wild card (shaving))

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