Giles/Buffy hug

All the clouds turn to words / all the words float in sequence

No one knows what they mean. Everyone just ignores them.

Title, title, who's got a title? It's either "Giles tells tales" or "Storyteller" or "The Knight, the Pirate, and the Wood-Nymph". I can't decide which. What to do about a story that careens from mood to mood, from sad to sweet to sexy to absurd? Mu. Need another approach. I could be oblique and pick some obscurantist fragment of Eno lyric. Why are titles so hard? Either they're the easiest things in the world or I'm left tearing my hair out.

I should just call it "Motel Room and a Bottle of Jack" and have done with it. I observed today that I added the file to my subversion repository a year ago tomorrow, so really that's enough time wittering over it.

Where did I put my Saturday? I appear to have mislaid it. I sat down to write this morning, and that was the last thing I noticed. Have you seen my Saturday?

ETA: Wait, wait, I know! Ethel the Pirate's Daughter!
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i'm just... the worst with titles. they're so hard. it's like the first impression of your story and that's a lot of pressure, y/y?
Yeah, they have to carry a lot of meaning. I've slept on it, and I still have no title. *weeps quietly*
OMG yes, titles are hard. My Saturday, first half spent emptying the last of our stuff from our storage space. Second half nap and grocery shopping with a bit of writing in the evening. I'll be on the lookout for your Saturday.
Wait, wait, I know! Ethel the Pirate's Daughter!

Good title!


Lovely poetry, shame about the Waistcoat.

(regrets failing to have Shakespeare in Love icon)
As the writer of 'The Dean, the jag and the candlewax' and 'The demon, the blood and the bottle'. I really can't offer any wise words on titles. Except to say that I know what you're going through - titles are tough. Which is why I've pretty much given up trying to come up with a good one.
Well, I settled on something. I think the difficulty with finding a title for this one has to do with the complete thematic mess I made of it. *groans, holds head in hands*