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I don't mind you hanging out and talking in your sleep

Happy birthday to noelia_g! And a very slightly early happy birthday to helenkacan! I hope your Friday evenings and weekends are going swimmingly.

Yoinks. My kink_bingo card is a mixed bag.

It's got a number of items perfect for the Buffy of Tradition & Protocol. Tattooing and branding? Yup, she's there, waiting impatiently for me to write both of those. (The Scoobies have been looking approvingly at Xander's tat design for them all for months now. Giles glares and says he doesn't care for any more hot irons near him, thank you very much.) Tickling and dirty talk? No problem for any happy non-kinky storyline, and I've got some of that in progress. Plushies/furries? Woah, okay. Breathplay? Erk. Watersports? Double erk plus a squick.

But I suppose that's exactly what I asked for when I asked for a bingo card: a bit of a prawny challenge. I have to find a way to make them all work. Plus my pattern-loving brain loves these fill-in-the-boxes things.

Also tonight: playing through the Cars' first album on Rock Band. That thing didn't leave my turntable for ages. No, I'm not all that old: I was only in junior high when the very cool David F showed up in class with a Cars concert t-shirt from that first album. Lots of neat synth work on that record-- Greg Hawkes had some cool toys.

Random link for tonight: slash_victims.
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