oh dear

I don't mind you hanging out and talking in your sleep

Happy birthday to noelia_g! And a very slightly early happy birthday to helenkacan! I hope your Friday evenings and weekends are going swimmingly.

Yoinks. My kink_bingo card is a mixed bag.

It's got a number of items perfect for the Buffy of Tradition & Protocol. Tattooing and branding? Yup, she's there, waiting impatiently for me to write both of those. (The Scoobies have been looking approvingly at Xander's tat design for them all for months now. Giles glares and says he doesn't care for any more hot irons near him, thank you very much.) Tickling and dirty talk? No problem for any happy non-kinky storyline, and I've got some of that in progress. Plushies/furries? Woah, okay. Breathplay? Erk. Watersports? Double erk plus a squick.

But I suppose that's exactly what I asked for when I asked for a bingo card: a bit of a prawny challenge. I have to find a way to make them all work. Plus my pattern-loving brain loves these fill-in-the-boxes things.

Also tonight: playing through the Cars' first album on Rock Band. That thing didn't leave my turntable for ages. No, I'm not all that old: I was only in junior high when the very cool David F showed up in class with a Cars concert t-shirt from that first album. Lots of neat synth work on that record-- Greg Hawkes had some cool toys.

Random link for tonight: slash_victims.
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Uh, I see ur erk & raise u an OMFG!! I think I'm still a little wobbly from almost-pedo!Giles. But hey, if it don't kill us, it makes us stronger, right?

That story still upsets me. Do not want. The guy is many things, but evil in that way is not one of them.
Oh God, I started reading slash_victims and had to stop because I was laughing so hard. I'm almost afraid seeing of what slash fic-stereotype they'll take on next.

You downloaded the Cars? Damn. We bought the wireless, but still haven't gotten any more music. Tomorrow, I'm all over that. I listened to the first Cars album a million times when I was, I don't know, ten? Love loved.
There's tons of fun music you can add on to it, classic rock and modern stuff. Some of them are covers, which range from great ("Last Train to Clarksville") to painfully bad ("Heroes", guitarist dude, you are so not Robert Fripp omg stop). But lots of originals, like the Cars and Boston and the Dead if you're into that. And Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive", which is a free download and a great song from a game that is an instant classic.

'Cause if you and the fam haven't played Portal yet, I'm telling you, do that right now.
What is Portal? I am woefully ignorant of everything. What's the story you and Nutter and talking about? I hate being so far out of the loopy. :(
Portal! It's a puzzle game by Valve, the people who did the Half-life game series. In fact, Portal is best purchased in the Orange Box game compilation, which includes HL2, TF2, and Portal for a spectacular collection.

Watch the trailer on that page to get the flavor. It's seriously funny, in a really morbid way.
It's just a well-written but upsetting fic. Ultimately it bothers me less than the 2 fics I read that had Giles dying quite suddenly. Writers are really mean to us readers sometimes!
Yeah, I hate it when people are mean.

There's one very well-written story where the author basically says that Giles and his lover are waiting for Buffy to die, so Giles can finally be free to leave Sunnydale. Left me feeling horrible for days. Then there was another that had Buffy racing to England to tell Giles she loves him, only to find she's too late, and he's happily married to someone else. Ugh.

Don't really need fanfic to make me feel like crap. Real life offers plenty of opportunities.
Thank you for the early birthday greeting. I believe in celebrating early and often!

As for your bingo card (which I'm too chicken - actually, not really, more too tired - to obtain), there's a lot you can do with the more squicksome ones to approximate the sensation. Ice cube i/o branding. Warm liquid i/o you know what. If the bottom is blindfolded and made willing to suspend disbelief, almost anything can be transformed into something you'd never do in a million years. But ... sputters ... plushies/furries. Can I just say a world of no. And isn't it a snapshot of the human psyche when the p/f community can be raised (lowered?) to the level of the other more traditional kinks.

Non-masquerading hugs,
I might write branding straight, believe it or not. In fact, I already have something for Buffy, but it's in an unfinished T&P story so I probably don't want to use it. The others I'll try to subvert somehow, and interpret creatively-- I like your idea of tricking a blindfolded bottom into believing something is happening that isn't.