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Status report

Work is... hilarious.

Life is... proceeding.

Writing is going in fits and starts. Stories I have touched recently:

./Blackmail/gj_friday_night_lights.text *
./DoctorWhoXOvers/ge_antiqueroman_smut.text *

Only two of those got posted, the ones with splats. Well, one and a half-- there are two stories in the misleadingly-named "Friday night lights" file. I observe from the lack of commentage that either Giles + Jenny + kink or my particular take thereon is not a winner in my flist's market. S'okay. I wanted to read it, so I wrote it, and I have that second story to entertain myself at least. Nota bene, this is just so not a problem. I remain overwhelmed and thrilled and so happy that so many of you want to read this stuff I write. Makes me a happy camper every day of my life. I'm just sorta curious about what people are interested in and what they're not, not really deep down. (And really, I know what you want: plotty shippy Giles/Buffy all day every day and twice on Sundays, with slash on holidays. Since I want the same, I cannot blame you in the least.)

At least both of my planned summer_of_giles stories are among the ones I've been poking at. And tonight at dinner with Mr P, we discussed plotting problems with one of them in detail. I think I have a good handle on it. Intrepid beta reader, outline impending! I give you fair warning! Ambitious it may be, but I think there's a good story there.

I made a big BPAL order on 5/18 for the Carnival update. It's way too soon to be hoping for the click-n-ship notification for it, but I hope anyway. I have been wearing The Antikythera Mechanism non-stop recently. Guh. Goes on a short list of all-time favorite BPALs. Dee, Coyote, Boomslang, Minotaur, Fenris Wolf, Smut, Morocco, and now strange Rhodean astronomical instruments!

Um, what else? You tell me.
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