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Work is... hilarious.

Life is... proceeding.

Writing is going in fits and starts. Stories I have touched recently:

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Only two of those got posted, the ones with splats. Well, one and a half-- there are two stories in the misleadingly-named "Friday night lights" file. I observe from the lack of commentage that either Giles + Jenny + kink or my particular take thereon is not a winner in my flist's market. S'okay. I wanted to read it, so I wrote it, and I have that second story to entertain myself at least. Nota bene, this is just so not a problem. I remain overwhelmed and thrilled and so happy that so many of you want to read this stuff I write. Makes me a happy camper every day of my life. I'm just sorta curious about what people are interested in and what they're not, not really deep down. (And really, I know what you want: plotty shippy Giles/Buffy all day every day and twice on Sundays, with slash on holidays. Since I want the same, I cannot blame you in the least.)

At least both of my planned summer_of_giles stories are among the ones I've been poking at. And tonight at dinner with Mr P, we discussed plotting problems with one of them in detail. I think I have a good handle on it. Intrepid beta reader, outline impending! I give you fair warning! Ambitious it may be, but I think there's a good story there.

I made a big BPAL order on 5/18 for the Carnival update. It's way too soon to be hoping for the click-n-ship notification for it, but I hope anyway. I have been wearing The Antikythera Mechanism non-stop recently. Guh. Goes on a short list of all-time favorite BPALs. Dee, Coyote, Boomslang, Minotaur, Fenris Wolf, Smut, Morocco, and now strange Rhodean astronomical instruments!

Um, what else? You tell me.
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My response to the Giles/Jenny fic was complicated, and I didn't want to say anything without careful consideration. Well executed as always, but...I guess I favor the Jenny of Watcher's Child. She's a more sympathetic character than in Blackmail verse. I didn't love her on the show. Liked how she helped Giles get much-needed attention, but otherwise? Not so much. Joss's relatively shoddy treatment of adult women in BtVS is something I haven't fully come to terms with, though I think there's much to examine. Also, strong BDSM kink is tough for me personally sometimes. Maybe because I don't fully understand it. I feel as though you have such a clear image in your mind of how Giles feels as a sub, but I find it difficult to relate. I almost found it easier to take him as a brutal dom in Collateral Damage, and I'm not sure why, because I do think you're probably right about him being a sub--especially in his relationships with women.

With women: deferential. With men: alpha.
And I totally realize that kink segments the reader base. Some people love it, and some people go eek! and click right on past. Works just like pairing labels.

Jenny is a problematic character because of one huge honking choice: She didn't tell them about Angel and her role. And she kept on not telling them. And she got close to Giles and still didn't tell them. This led, more or less, to her own death, to the deaths of all of Angelus's victims, to Giles's night of torture. It's a pretty huge set of consequences for silence, and we have a hard time forgiving her for it.

I like Jenny. Spunky, smart, and she teases the heck out of Giles. I think he needed that. His early relationship with Buffy also draws him out of the safe cave he'd dug for himself after Eyghon.

This storyline is, honestly, a little cracky. The Watcher's Child storyline is a much more serious exploration of character and how it might have worked out with that variation on canon. Watch that space for Eyghon fallout, sometime soon. (Where "soon" might be "next week or three months from now depending on whim".)
I love Giles/Jenny...but I have such serious squicks at BDSM that I couldn't read it. I know you know this, but it never hurts to be very, very clear that the problem is mine and not yours by any means.

As for what else, I can't seem to prod my muse into anything at all of late. I wonder how much of that is the fact that I write professionally now, even though it's all prose and very short prose at that. I spend less time writing now that I get paid to do it.
Have no fears: I totally know this about you and other readers. I hope the eek a baby! story is fun for you. Well, fun in the way that angst is fun. (She said, totally spoiling everything.)

And some day I will coax more Hellmouth Chronicles out of you!