Need a name

I need a name for a wet-behind-the-ears Council pup. He's writing his thesis and is oh so eager to meet the Slayer and the scandalous Mr Giles. Data! From a living Slayer!

Gah. I hate naming characters.

Have not written an actual line of prose since last week. Instead have been concentrating on outlines at various levels. Well, not outline in the hierarchical sense. Outline in the list of scenes sense. Trying to isolate the task of plotting as much as it can be.
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British or not? The Council pup, I mean.

(When pressed I tend to crib shamelessly from minor characters in Doyle, m'self.)
British, definitely, a bit young. And the Doyle minor characters idea is a good one!

Love that Petherbridge Wimsey. Pity the scripts for the adaptations were teh suck, because nearly all the casting choices were spectacular.
Word about the adaptations, on all counts. Gaudy Night was a travesty, particularly the proposal. Carcase was the least egregious, though I may be blinded by affection. I read the books because I was so struck at the attention with which my father watched Carcase when it first aired on PBS. (My dad is an inveterate channel-surfer, but he didn't turn the knob during those broadcasts.)

Names, names...
Morstan? (too obvious a Doyle reference, perhaps...)

Non-Holmes names that came to mind:
Carcase was my favorite, too. Total agreement on Gaudy Night. Grrrrrr.

Did the actor who played Inspector Parker bother you as much as he did me? I kept looking at him and thinking, "That's not Parker!" Just nothing like the Parker in my head. EP, however, was so scarily right that I wondered if somebody had read my mind.

I wish they'd done some of the non-HV novels. The world could still use a decent adaptation of Murder must advertise. The Carmichael one just doesn't count.
EP, however, was so scarily right that I wondered if somebody had read my mind.

Harriet Walter was also excellent, though I had a tiny quibble in that her voice was too high/light, not a "queer deep voice" at all.

I didn't care for Parker either, nor for many of the dons in Gaudy Night.

The Carmichael one just doesn't count.
Word, again! The sad thing is that it's one of the more cinematic stories (what with the Harlequin sequences, and the staircase, and all.) A pudgy gentleman on a shoebox of a set just does not cut it.