Oh noes! ask me anything about the stories meme

This one seems like it'd be fun!

Ask me a question about one of my fanfictions. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Ask about major upcoming plot points if you want to. Whatever you ask, I have to answer truthfully.

I will warn you in advance if my answer contains major spoilers and give you a chance to back out. If you then decide that you still want to hear my answer, I'll white it out and you can highlight. Think carefully before asking a question. You might not want to have it spoiled as badly as you think you do.

Note that until I actually post a story, everything is open to change. I often discover when I've written something that my plan for it was plain wrong.
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Nobody wants to ask really spoilery things like "is Jenny gonna get killed?!" or "does Giles have the hots for Watson!?!" or even "is Ars Draconis gonna wind up B/G? cuz UST, dude!"

So I'll just ask "Who's getting teh sexored next in Blackmail?"
In progress now: some Giles/Jenny pre-Blackmail kinky smut. So, sort of Jenny gets teh sexxored next. Except that I am amusing myself by writing all the kink indirectly in that one. We start with the post-coital cup of tea.

But the next segment of Blackmail proper is Giles having his weekly dinner with Xander. They do buddy things, have a guy-ish buddy conversation, and play pool. Which Giles insists on calling snooker, which Xander mocks. And then Giles goes home and sexx0rz himself, as instructed. And after that, the next section is corn-fed Iowa boy in action. Sigh. Poor Riley. I'm going to be mean to him, though none of it will be his fault.

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'k, I'm totally patient here. Yup, patient is this budgie's middle name. Uh huh. ::nod::

O crap, ok I'm begging here.
Tell me what's going to happen in my motel-prompt fic I've been waiting almost patiently for.

And, hey, I was gong to ask really spoilery things about Ars Draconis, but now I can't. :(
Ask what you want, seldom. I've shot my bolt on Blackmail (that sounds, um, bad) but you can ask about the dragonfic.
Xander gets drunk and passes out. Buffy comes over. Giles and Buffy drink a little, get maudlin, get silly, talk a lot, make out, go further. Xander wakes up. Giles turns bright red and hides his head under the pillow. The end!
Helios Hyperion - Who's Dawn's father? I spoiler if you decide to answer, but I may go insane with trying to figure it out myself.

Cloud Animals, or more specifically, the 'Partners' chapter - Why exactly did Wesley punch Giles in the face. Yes, I know about the Watcher/Slayer spell, but why did he flip out? Will we ever know?

If updates are coming to these stories soon, then I can sit on my hands an wait, otherwise, I'm OK with spoilers, because the suspense is killing me!

Loved seeing an update to An Antique Roman, by the way!
Helios Hyperion
Dawn's father, spoilers follow.

Dawn's father is Giles. When I first wrote the story, I thought Riley Finn was the obvious answer. The monks would have chosen the guy who was Buffy's boyfriend. But then, after I wrote "A Rooted Sorrow", I decided that the monks might instead have observed her new off-and-on relationship with Giles. And this gives me a lovely and wonderful dramatic setup. Giles resents Dawn more than a little for having caused Buffy's death. Unfairly, yes, but this saves him from having to blame Buffy for choosing suicide, which is an issue dangling unresolved. And he's about to wake up, the morning after "Fenrisulfr"/"The Santa Ana Winds" and discover his manufactured memories of her are gone. And that's she's dangerous.

And his daughter with Buffy, whom he loves beyond expression. A nice set of tensions to drive story, don't you think? I think so, anyway!
Re: Helios Hyperion
Ooh! I can't wait to see this fully fleshed out in a story now! I'm not too surprised about who her father is when I think about it.

Now I'm twitching even more for a new installment! Yay for stories! *Sorry, I'm on a sugar high right now.*
Partners/Cloud Animals
Wesley and the punch in the face:

Wesley is reacting to the Watcher summoning spell, which summoned him from LA to be with Giles. However, in the timeline this happens immediately after "Lineage", in which Wesley guns down a cyborg he thinks is his father at the time he shoots it. He's feeling touchy about his father, who is a Watcher, and suspicious and kinda wrecked inside. He doesn't want to be a Watcher, but this spell is telling him that he is. (And, secretly, also that he chooses to be one, because the spell doesn't call anybody who doesn't want to be called. Consider a religious vocation as a metaphor for this.)

And you will know. I want to finish this.
Re: Partners/Cloud Animals
Yay for wanting to finish! I went through your story archive recently and found that set of stories and loved them, but that was one thing that I kind of got stuck on. Thanks again!
Giles and Ryd:

The sword hasn't been fully activated. I've given you all the clues about how, both in flashback to past rituals and in commentary about how the sword is rumored to have worked. Buffy says it outright: "it's always about blood, isn't it?" (I picked this up from S5 canon and ran with it.)

But godsblood is not the same as ordinary mortal blood, is it?

The experience after that is an order of magnitude more intense, and the two are one being for a while. Until one of them decides to rejoin his lost lover. The sword will be a powerful artifact after that, but no longer sentient. And the other man will bear it.

Still cagey, actually :)
I'd be curious to know more about where the idea came from within Thusia of the Greek gods and the worship/relationship of the Watchers' Council to them and how you fleshed it out. Or whatever within that you'd like to share.

I found it to be this really interesting layered back story, and for as much as we learn about it via Giles, that you probably have a whole lot more of it in your head.

I'm not sure if it matters, but I think I've only read part 3, Thusia, of the trilogy.
There are three parts posted:
- A brief thing that purports to be an excerpt from the Watcher's Handbook, that tells young Watchers the origin of Watchers and attempts to get in a few more lessons about the duties of Watchers.
- A cracktastic thing about Giles's selection as a Watcher, in which Apollo mentors him in the erastes/eramenos tradition. This one has a lot more stuff about the Watcher culture (think Sacred Band of Thebes, only with men and women mixed), and drops some big hints about what Europe is like in my alternative history (in England, the reformation drove the Christians out; they are where the Muslims are in our history).
- A linking story about Giles in the week before he moves to California. Mostly about Eyghon and how the incident affected his life. (Not finished.)
- The main story, which you've read (about the summer in LA).
- A concluding story, about the Cruciamentum and consequences. (Barely started.)

The neat thing about keeping my stories like I keep my source code is that I can review a story's progress, how I wrote it and when elements appeared. The bull cult elements are present in the very first version of the file checked into my fic repository. I read Mary Renault for the first time maybe six months before, and the concept had been cooking for a while. In less than a week this appeared at the top:

play on meanings of "know"
play on meanings of "sacrifice"
images of the sun & fire & dryness
earthquakes & overturning
The Tower

And also I had wickedfox's manip of Giles with a sword in front of me the whole time, driving me toward the swordfight at the end.

I already knew I wanted a story about the paradoxes of prophecy and about virgin sacrifice (several meanings of the word). Then I pushed it further, and wound up with the Watchers as a modern version of Greek culture, with the mentor system. Then I asked how they got that way, and realized that they worshipped Apollo. And boom, an alt history thing appeared in my head. That's about when I started writing the Giles/Apollo story, to explore the Watcher culture for my own thinking. (I had no intention of posting it originally, then I finished it and thought I might as well.) Later on I realized I could do my own take on the Theseus myth, with Giles in the role of the man who overturns an established order and creates a new one. He'd be overturning the Watchers, and the sticking point would be that he can't sacrifice Buffy the way he's supposed to. That's when the maze imagery appeared, and I went all-out with the minotaur. It was a generic demon fight in the early outlines.
Thank you for sharing. I find the process of how an idea leads to one story, leads to another, leads to prequels and sequels, etc., fascinating.

I'm intrigued about the Eyghon story as well as the Cruciamentum.