It didn't really rise to the level of "spam"

That wasn't much of a ficspam, I know, but hey! The attempt did help me finish two things I've had in progress for a while. And I have at least two more short things started, not Giles/Ethan. I'll see what I can do this week with a Giles/Jenny thing I started yesterday, and also a Giles/Buffy thing. The genfic ideas are not so plentiful at the moment, alas.

This approach is incredibly effective with getting me to stop over-editing and just let the words flow out. It's not the way to write more complex, polished pieces, the sort of things that depend on a deep editing process, but if I'm stuck entirely it's a huge help.

My opinion on the LJ user rep elections in progress: The position is for appearances only. If the LJ owners don't listen to the professionals on their advisory board, they are unlikely to listen to a customer on the same board. But the election sure is occupying a lot of time, attention, and energy. My recommendation is to vote for a fandom candidate, because YNK, and then stop investing in it.

Random link for today: Flight of the Conchords, "The Humans are Dead", performed live. Killed me too. (Contains a bad word sung aloud, so use headphones if necessary.)
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My son watched Flight of the Conchords like crazy last summer. We just bought him their album last week.
Hee! That's exactly the attitude I took on the LJ vote. I read a couple peoples' opinions, voted for one who didn't seem entirely insane and is pro-fandom...and then let it go.

Possible B/G fic today?

(perks up a lot)

Okay, I have to go bake a banana cake now.
Working on the BG, working on it. Juggling work and life and the insatiable appetite of my flist for more Buffy/Giles.

I find that most of the so-called wisdom of my adulthood is about deciding not to get upset about a lot of stuff that just isn't going to matter. The art of the mellow.

Or it could just be that when I hit my 20-year anniversary as a Californian last year, my last brain cells rotted. Let's not vote on that one.
I prefer to think the wisdom of California mellow finally managed to infiltrate your brain after twenty years of drilling.

(ducks heavy objects)

I'll be patient about that B/G, but I am enthusiastic.
I wish other peeps could be writing BG right now, so I could read it and feel consoled. (There is some new stuff today, actually, but... it took me about 5 seconds to read. BLEAT.)
Well if we the flist can be of assistance to your writing (& just coincidentally get new +G fic)then we must, we must!
Send lawyers, guns, and money. No. Wait. Coffee, bourbon, and iPod headphones. Those are the things that fuel my writing. Except not so much the bourbon these days.
Glad you had a good return to writing! Happy Tuesday, too.