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There will be a certain amount of ficspam later today

So you guys want plotty shippy stories, with Buffy and a bit of Jenny, and you can't keep the various storylines any straighter than I can. Okay. I'll give you whatever comes to mind today while I stare at your prompts and pour coffee down my throat. Flashfic ho! Also, the h/c prompts from the fest will likely show up as well.

Other notes about my long weekend thus far:

Indiana Jones movie: fun start to finish, though I can criticize certain aspects of the script. Still, he's just as much fun to watch as he was 20 years ago. And I was thinking again how Indy and Giles both hit some of my fictional character kinks hard. He can translate Mayan and shoot a gun. He's a teacher, part-time. And the other half of the time...

Portal, which I have finally played through: yay! Short but sweet. And as always with Valve, the games have good storylines and manipulate your emotions in surprising ways. Worst aspect of playing it: FPSes were meant to be played with keyboard + mouse, not with clumsy console controllers. The team of crack puzzle kibitzers watching me play were frustrated by my uncanny ability to blunder immediately into any portal I opened in the floor.

My BElf paladin dinged 60. I started him a couple of weeks ago to use with my once-a-week playgroup, replacing the hunter I wasn't having fun with. He's caught up enough to join the group in Outlands, and I can reduce my playtime back to once a week. Phew. The pally is fun, though. Tanking is fun.
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