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The House M.D. season finale was good. The two-parter was good. The whole season was good. By which I mean, "I was taken on an emotional ride and given vicarious sensations that made me forget my own mortality." Highly recommended. Even if you don't believe in catharsis.

Two comments on long-term story construction things:
Everybody lies. => Everybody dies.
You can't always get what you want: reprising the pilot.
And the José González acoustic cover of "Teardrop". Excellent.
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I did notice those nice mirrors of earlier arcs when watching and grinned a little. It was nice symmetry and as much as I'd hate to see House change too's time for a little growth. Very excited to see where next season goes.
Complete agreement-- time for him to change at least a little. The scriptwriters have already demonstrated they can shake up the main cast successfully. I love the new Ducklings and care about all of them. Now let's tweak House himself a little, and watch what that does to Cuddy and Wilson. (My only regret about the focus of this season is that we've seen very little of Cuddy all year.)