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Hey, flist! Hit me with some anime/manga recs!

Some things to know:
- Practically the only anime series I've ever watched was Haibane Renmei, and I loved it. Thank you, former officemate B!
- Though I also love most everything Hayao Miyazake has done. <3 Tonari no Totoro.
- I prefer realistic art styles to really cartoony ones.
- I like my women strong.
- No tentacles, kthxbai.
- But if something violates all of these and is still awesome, please tell me about it.
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I'm too tired right now to get into the whys and wherefores, so I'll just give you the names of some I like and add the reasons tomorrow (prod me if I don't):
  • Cowboy Beebop (old but good)

  • Witchhunter Robin (by the same crowd)

  • Ghost In The Shell (several different kinds of awesome)

  • Noir

  • Vexille (only recently released movie)

  • Millenium Actress (sort of, maybe)

  • That's all I can remember right now, and I had to get Hubby to jog my memories! But it's a start.
    Cowboy Bebop has been recced to me several times. On the list it goes. Ditto GitS. Will check out Noir! Thank you!
    Hee! Although I am currently bleeding all over my journal about Nabari no Ou, I suggest Darker Than Black. Strong women characters in equal proportion to the strong men, a dose of comedy along with the mystery and depth and angst -- definitely one of my favorites. It's probably not legal to watch it now; it's been licensed in the US but not released yet. I'm sure you can still find torrents for the fansubs by the "sudo" group, which is what I watched. I ought to have links around somewhere too, if you'd like them.

    My profile has a bunch of anime listed, if you want to browse through them. Almost none of them have tentacles... ;)
    I knew you would be a great expert on this :) Thanks! I'll have Netflix track "Darker than Black" for me.
    Hrm, if you want netflixable titles, my list is shorter -- the first one I'd put on my list is Samurai Champloo. I have been known to mail sets of DVD's to people I think I might be able to hook on Ouran or DTB or my other favorite series... :) That'd be 10 or so DVD's with .avi or .mkv files on them; you need to watch them on a computer or hook a computer up to a tv. If you're interested, I just need your address emailed to kannnichtfranzoesisch@gmail.com. Let me know! :)
    Hey, thanks! A coworker just gave me a ton of first disks from a bunch of titles. I'll ping you when I've watched those and have begun to develop a clue about what I like :)
    Okay! But if you didn't get Ouran and Darker Than Black, you should let me send them anyway. Ouran is the best stress relief ever, in my humble opinion. *pimps* ;)
    I am currently in the process of watching Ergo Proxy and so far (I'm into the second volume available through netflix) it's been fairly interesting as a cyberpunk noir with a tough lady cop.

    If you're not looking for series, then you should totally see:
    Vampire Hunter D
    Ghost in the Shell
    Akira (it is the most known anime in the West... and still pretty cool despite that)
    I have seen Akira! Several times. And for reasons I cannot explain, I own several volumes of the manga from the 80s. Definitely weird and interesting.

    That's two votes for Ghost in the Shell. Will add it to the netflix queue.
    Boogiepop Phantom is a pretty good anime.