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Despite that strange review on, I think I mostly get the spelling right

What I am up to: outlining. Occasional bits of writing, but mostly outlining. I'd like to finish some stories far enough ahead of the due date to get them beta-read for the things I most need beta-reading for. That is, structure, story construction, did I manage to get any conflict into it this time? did I torture my characters at least a teensy little bit? and so on. My next big deadline is summer_of_giles and I want to have something chewy to post on my two days there.

I've been outlining three different stories. I'm not yet sure which story or stories will be the ones I write when I get down to it. I have learned I don't do well predicting that: the unconscious mind is opinionated.

Can't wait for House tomorrow night! Last week's was excellent.

ETA: Minor House spoilers in comments.
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