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Despite that strange review on ff.net, I think I mostly get the spelling right

What I am up to: outlining. Occasional bits of writing, but mostly outlining. I'd like to finish some stories far enough ahead of the due date to get them beta-read for the things I most need beta-reading for. That is, structure, story construction, did I manage to get any conflict into it this time? did I torture my characters at least a teensy little bit? and so on. My next big deadline is summer_of_giles and I want to have something chewy to post on my two days there.

I've been outlining three different stories. I'm not yet sure which story or stories will be the ones I write when I get down to it. I have learned I don't do well predicting that: the unconscious mind is opinionated.

Can't wait for House tomorrow night! Last week's was excellent.

ETA: Minor House spoilers in comments.
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I'm not good at outlines at all. It seems like whatever I have planned in my brain... well, the characters change it. They have a mind of their own, I tell ya!
I hop back and forth. I write to an outline, but when stuck or when the story tells me that it needs to go somewhere else instead, I pull back and re-outline. Shorter stuff I tend not to outline much at all-- a paragraph summary to remind myself what I'm trying to do is generally all I need.
I have the one big story I'm working on kind of outlined. I have written down the major things I want to accomplish with it.

Of course today some of that outline went completely out the window as I was on a roll. My muse was so with me. I went from just under 13,000 words to just under 24,000 and I got a lot of set up for what's to come done. I am extremely proud of myself.
I dunno how you could do a Big Bang story without an outline. 40K words, right? That's pretty long. And go you! Keep on pluggin!
I'm calling myself crazy for doing it. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do and then going back and rewatching the pertinent episodes helped me form a basic structure of how I wanted to things to go as well as giving me questions to answer along the way.

When I hit 10,000 I was worried I wasn't going to be able to make it long enough, but after yesterday I'm feeling a lot better about hitting and perhaps surpassing the goal.
So glad you liked last week's House! Were you yelling the answer at the tv like I was? I swear it was one of the best shows I've seen all year. I have high hopes for tomorrow's episode.
I'm looking forward to it also. My husband thinks they are having an affair, but I think Amber is too smart for that. Hopefully. Maybe. Sometimes I really don't like Wilson, but that would suck for everyone. I hope it won't be a cliffhanger.

I have a bunch of possible explanations in my head, but am unsure which they'll go with. They surprised me in that episode, so I am braced for more surprises. But remember: House saw a symptom before the obvious-life-threatening-stuff happened.
It was more like, "Why would he say _____? It's obviously-- oh crap. That's why the bar scene earlier. Uh oh." And then the ending was wrenching. And surprisingly violent.