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Obviously it would be a BMW boxer sidecar conversion

"An Antique Roman", a story about Ethan's troubling yet somehow satisfying take on "Amends", got two shouts out this weekend: it got the nod in Round 8 of the forbiddenawards along with the marvelous "The Giles Thing" by drsquidlove and "Sometimes A Cigar" by allyndra. And then firefly124 fangirled it! My weekend is made!

Many thanks to shitsu_tonka for the prompt (Angel? to be shouted at? hmm!) and to emmessann for the beta ("get Buffy out of this story" in more diplomatic terms, which was exactly right).

Then when I re-scanned it (as my species of OCD moves me to do) I edited out an Americanism in Giles-speak. Sigh. We conjugate "to get" differently from our cousins. And we give "different" a different preposition, too. Among a myriad other small things to get right. If I get 50% of them right in a story, I feel like I'm doing okay. Thus I come right back down to earth.

Either two short stories or one longer one for spring_with_xan later today. I was the king champeeeeeen of procrastination yesterday, so I'm still frantically typing today.

And speaking of spring_with_xan, check out nwhepcat's ficlet yesterday, written to my promptlet: "Roadside Assistance". I nurse a secret passion for the Citroen. Though if Tony Head had had his way, Giles would have been riding a bike with a sidecar in the early seasons. I think... that needs to be written.
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I edited out an Americanism in Giles-speak.

My sister and I were just talking about this recently. She spent about a year living in Bristol about twenty years ago, and she thinks the BtVS writers had Giles speak in Americanisms. Doesn't feel that he was as English sounding as he would have been in real life. I agree that getting this right is important, though I gladly overlook a great deal of it when I write. I use sister's opinion as reasonable justification. Plus I'm lucky to get anything out as it is. Beggars and choosers, you know?
Yeah, he's not entirely English to my ear. I spent my last trip there listening and reading signage and trying to absorb the pattern of the differences. We all speak in iambs, but the word flavors are different. Lollipop to popsicle to ice-lolly. Why wouldn't Americans ever say "lolly"?

In other news, we've moved up from medium to hard on Rock Band. Except that we can only barely survive "Run for the Hills" on medium, so there's no freakin' way we could do it on hard. And I can make it through some songs on medium on the drums. Woot!
Giles in a bike with a sidecar... I immediately flashed on Angela Lansbury in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
Sidecars are funky-cool, particularly when ridden while wearing goggles & an open-face helmet. Or any costume that reminds one of WWI aviators.

Remind me to bloviate some time soon on the topic of metaphoric coherence in stories. I'll start by defining the term. Sorry. In the writing trance atm and not exactly making sense.