fading right

What's up?

Hey! summer_of_giles has plenty of open slots this year. Go sign up to snag a day for your very own. Last year's fest was great, and I expect to see more great stuff this year, too.

Normal Antenna service resumes more or less now. I'll probably have to work all weekend, but that happens every so often. Sigh.

What's interesting this week? I have the new Bujold sitting on my living room sofa waiting as a treat for when I finish the stories I need to post on Sunday. That's interesting!
Dude! It's out!

*rushes to amazon to check*

Apparently it came out last month. *headdesk*

Ok, lets pretend this didn't happen, shall we?
I would love to sign up, but in all honesty, I know I'm not going to be able to produce anything in time.

:Feels guilty:
I look forward to your review of the Bujold. :-)

Happy week!
I'm looking forward to an unbooked weekend. Next weekend, perhaps? I can read that and a pile of other books. The bedside stack is getting tall again.