The state of the projects, post-apocalypse edition

I've spent the last week not really thinking about fandom because of the exigencies of work, which was busy in unusual and time-sensitive ways last week. Somewhat unpredictably, or I would not have booked myself with fannish obligations I was entirely unable to meet. Gah. Sorry.

I have read almost nothing this week. Yesterday I got into the bath for a very long soak. In the bath, I read Trudi Canavan's The Magician's Guild, which was a pleasant and uncomplicated YA-ish fantasy novel. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, the hero is never seriously challenged, and there were no layers below the surface. Which means I could scream through it at high velocity and rediscover my functioning brain. While soaking and drinking a margarita. I am ready to resume fandom. (Just in time for some really charming unfunny business. WTF, fandom, WTF.)

State of the projects, May 2008:

  • Giles and Death (Gaiman's Death, not Pratchett's) have tea, post-Gift, h/c. Very short. Might be posted today.
  • Giles/Ethan post-Grave h/c, a somewhat unusual setup. About 1000 words. Might be posted today.
  • May 11, spring_with_xan: two smut stories that follow "Hazy Solos": Oz/Xander and then Giles/Xander. No redeeming virtues other than some wordplay, but I think they will be entertaining.
  • 2000 words of strange post-Grave Giles/Xander, the story that's too surreal for me to post. It's lurched out of control and I need to edit some story elements out and polish it. Might post it next Sunday as a third story for spring_with_xan.
  • "Antique Roman" verse Giles/Ethan, near-immediate follow-on to the story. This the the h/c-ish thing I've been mentioning since January. Done soon. Just needs some focus.
  • An outline for a long post-Chosen Spike/Giles story. Buffy dies in the ball of light that destroys the Hellmouth. Spike sanshues. Grieving ensues. This, if I ever have time to devote to it, will be a big one. I have some theories about Spike I'd like to explore in story.
  • Watcher's Child, the post-Eyghon story. Longest segment yet in the series, which is fitting because the story is finally in gear.
  • Giles/Buffy (with a side of Xander, not the way you think exactly), post-Chosen, motel room, bottle of Jack tagfic. Needs nothing more than time and attention, which are my scarcest resources.
  • Liegeman parts 2 through 7, which range from mellow Giles-Xander friendship through Initiative intrigue to the kinkiest the series has been yet. No schedule for posting, because I'd like to finish a draft of all 6 parts, then post them on successive days.
  • My schoolboy Giles + Ethan Doctor Who crossover (featuring the Second Doctor and Jamie) is knocking at my brain. I've been seeing little segments of action from it in my head.
  • But my summer_of_giles story will be time-travel with settings in Bath, London, and Highgate Cemetery in the mid-70s. A nice bit of depressive grunge and Hammer horror flair, I hope. The event-ness of SoG moves me to pull out all the stops and make a grand noise. About 10K words written already, which will need major revision when I re-outline and focus on a second draft.

That's a subset of the full set of projects I have in progress, but those are the ones that are closest to the top of my mind right now. What? That isn't enough?

And now I catch up on the wonderful things you have all posted for the h/c fest which, um, I seem to have failed utterly with.

I'm envious that you have all your future fannish things planned out - I just blunder about from one vague idea to the next.
I followed the 'unfunny business' link. Words fail me and I can't slam my head into my desk hard enough. I read a couple of comments that basically said if the people doing this were U18 then to give them a break because they're kids. Think I find that more offensive than the orginal issue.
Thanks for the link. Me and my one and only are now sat about having a thoroughly enjoyable hurrumph about the youth of today and how standards are declining. We're both only thirty, I dread to think how grumpy we'll be when we are actually old.
I went through an en-grumpening phase, and now I'm emerging from it into a sort of calmer, sadder, okay, let's patiently explain to the kids where they went wrong phase. Followed by total willingness to just slam the door shut when patience fails, because I don't have all that much life left to waste.

Organization is the only way I get anything done. Left to myself, I'd snooze and read paperbacks all day.

ETA: dropped copy, bah.

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Glad that you were able to take yesterday to detox!
The Spike thing sounds awesome. Just so you know.

And RL happens to the best of us, don't sweat it.
But, if real life happens to all of us and it's normal, what is there for me to feel guilty about? ANSWER ME THAT!

Glad the Spike story seems interesting. I need a lot more development time with it.
Nothing, really. You don't "owe" us anything.

And yeah, I can't write hardly anything until the idea has percolated through my brain.