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The state of the projects, post-apocalypse edition

I've spent the last week not really thinking about fandom because of the exigencies of work, which was busy in unusual and time-sensitive ways last week. Somewhat unpredictably, or I would not have booked myself with fannish obligations I was entirely unable to meet. Gah. Sorry.

I have read almost nothing this week. Yesterday I got into the bath for a very long soak. In the bath, I read Trudi Canavan's The Magician's Guild, which was a pleasant and uncomplicated YA-ish fantasy novel. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, the hero is never seriously challenged, and there were no layers below the surface. Which means I could scream through it at high velocity and rediscover my functioning brain. While soaking and drinking a margarita. I am ready to resume fandom. (Just in time for some really charming unfunny business. WTF, fandom, WTF.)

State of the projects, May 2008:

  • Giles and Death (Gaiman's Death, not Pratchett's) have tea, post-Gift, h/c. Very short. Might be posted today.
  • Giles/Ethan post-Grave h/c, a somewhat unusual setup. About 1000 words. Might be posted today.
  • May 11, spring_with_xan: two smut stories that follow "Hazy Solos": Oz/Xander and then Giles/Xander. No redeeming virtues other than some wordplay, but I think they will be entertaining.
  • 2000 words of strange post-Grave Giles/Xander, the story that's too surreal for me to post. It's lurched out of control and I need to edit some story elements out and polish it. Might post it next Sunday as a third story for spring_with_xan.
  • "Antique Roman" verse Giles/Ethan, near-immediate follow-on to the story. This the the h/c-ish thing I've been mentioning since January. Done soon. Just needs some focus.
  • An outline for a long post-Chosen Spike/Giles story. Buffy dies in the ball of light that destroys the Hellmouth. Spike sanshues. Grieving ensues. This, if I ever have time to devote to it, will be a big one. I have some theories about Spike I'd like to explore in story.
  • Watcher's Child, the post-Eyghon story. Longest segment yet in the series, which is fitting because the story is finally in gear.
  • Giles/Buffy (with a side of Xander, not the way you think exactly), post-Chosen, motel room, bottle of Jack tagfic. Needs nothing more than time and attention, which are my scarcest resources.
  • Liegeman parts 2 through 7, which range from mellow Giles-Xander friendship through Initiative intrigue to the kinkiest the series has been yet. No schedule for posting, because I'd like to finish a draft of all 6 parts, then post them on successive days.
  • My schoolboy Giles + Ethan Doctor Who crossover (featuring the Second Doctor and Jamie) is knocking at my brain. I've been seeing little segments of action from it in my head.
  • But my summer_of_giles story will be time-travel with settings in Bath, London, and Highgate Cemetery in the mid-70s. A nice bit of depressive grunge and Hammer horror flair, I hope. The event-ness of SoG moves me to pull out all the stops and make a grand noise. About 10K words written already, which will need major revision when I re-outline and focus on a second draft.

That's a subset of the full set of projects I have in progress, but those are the ones that are closest to the top of my mind right now. What? That isn't enough?

And now I catch up on the wonderful things you have all posted for the h/c fest which, um, I seem to have failed utterly with.

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