A brief update before I run to my next all-day meeting

1. Oh my god, my head hurts. Three days running now. Make it stop.

2. This week turns out to be pretty hellish and overscheduled and stressful, so all my plans for reading, writing, posting, responding to comments, and being present in the slightest have been overturned. I hope to ficspam on the weekend.

3. Rock Band is a fabulous team-building tool. No joke. All ages, all backgrounds, all levels of willingness to faceplant in public. Except that I have another blister on my thumb. Something's seriously wrong with my technique.
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Tea would have been so nice. But I think that now I've survived until Friday night, it's bourbon time.
[from the middle of my own stress, hugs and tea]
Ack! I wish for an overall drop in world stress levels, starting with my flist. I hope that you, like me, survived to Friday mostly intact. I'm going for some quality dogs-on-couch time now.
My daughter gets blisters from drumming, but not from playing the guitar. My husband gets cramps in his calf from using the foot pedal, and I get hoarse from all my fine croaking. Painful, but well worth it.

Hope work stuff eases up a bit soon. You are sorely missed. :)
If he's cramping from the foot pedal, the drum throne might not be at the right height. Oh, listen to me, so professional! I'm going to have to buy this game for myself so I can practice like mad.
Sorry about your head. Everything's made worse when one feels poorly. Is it stress, or allergies (tis the season), or what?
It was stress, so very definitely. I felt my shoulders rising to meet my ears right about the same time the headache was hitting. What I need is a long hot bath, a stiff drink, and a good book. All at once. Fortunately I can arrange this!