comfort me

Request for cheerfulness

Due to just general depression unrelated to anything discussed here, I find myself in need of cheering up. Probably I'll be able to immerse myself in programming deeply enough to forget everything around me, indeed to forget basic bodily functions. But in case that doesn't work...

Point me to something cheerful. Schmoop. Victory against overwhelming odds. Exploding bad guys. Moments of perfect joy. Unbelievable coolness. Intricate and sustained clever invention. A 400K word epic. Something to occupy this censored brain for a little while.
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WEll it depends on the kind of schmoop you want. I could send you over to gileswench's website where there is schmoop and moments of perfect joy and wonderful b/g stuff. I could give you the link to THE LIST for all kinds of B/G love.
Or if your in the mood for other pairing, there are lots more link I can give you.
What's your poison?
Giles == good.
Giles/Buffy == good.
Giles/Xander == good. Unless it's the story that ends with Xander ODing on smack.
Spike/Buffy == suxx0rz.
Gileswench == often cheery.
Well there's a link to Wench's Tavern in my links box. Here is the link to THE LIST:, from there I'm sure you can find more G/B. For giles gen or giles/xander i'd try I'd Like To Test That Theory, the Giles Zone of the BTVS Writers Guild, here's the link:
Giles/Xander, I'm not sure about. I used the Giles Writer's Zone for reference when trying to write my G/X scene.
And Spike/Buffy I would dream of making you read that!! (though I still occasionally do. though not often.)
If you want more, I got plenty of gilesy links.
Oh my. Happy drunk Giles. And beadtific's continuation. And your h/c-athon fic. Just what was needed.

Also, retail therapy. I now own a pair of brown engineer boots. Perhaps I could find something to kick. Or walk on.
Glad you enjoyed. :D H/c and retail therapy are among my favorite coping mechanisms as well.