So who's Angela Lansbury-char? Mr. Budgie bought this movie as soon as Amazon offered it, I guess it was after Mr. Sinatra left us. & I'm the Sinatra fan! He's the political skulduggery fan.
I still haven't watched AtS, so I don't know if there's one of those characters better suited for the Cap't Marco role. Fred as Josie, yes?
Yes, Fred as Wesley-char love interest. I've only seen a few Angel episodes, but the Fred-Wes was heartbreaking.
off-comment ficathon query, sorry
Am obviously INCREDIBLE GENIUS, as I only just realized I have to join tweedandtea to be able to post my h/c ficathon story Friday. [boggles at own idiocy] [uses appropriate Giles-icon directed at self]

However, I was wondering -- will it be all right to actually post my story on gilesanya_fic and only do a link on the tweedandtea post?

Sorry to be off-topic....
Re: off-comment ficathon query, sorry
That's completely fine! The master list is generally the key anyway, for people finding stories after the fact.