Spanish ficpolls in space (extended youth mix)

It's absurd, because I have only one of five hurt/comfort stories written, and because I have as yet not started my spring_with_xan story (due May 11). But I'm already fussing about my summer_of_giles story. There are a bunch of possibilities, some of which are scarier than others.

So! A purely advisory, I-promise-nothing poll, for your amusement:
Poll #1175469 FicPoll Mark XII

For Summer of Giles, you should:

Finish the time travel story you started last year for your second day and couldn't finish in time.
Finish the Tarot story, "Readings", which you posted the first third of last year.
Finish Ars Draconis, in accordance with the new rules the mods posted about reposting and finishing WIPs being cool.
Write another 100K+ words and finish the long story in the universe of "Breaking Glass", for a total of about 160K words of magic, religion, epic hurt/comfort, romance, tragedy, and friendship in a retelling of seasons 2 & 3.
Write the Thusia-verse Cruciamentum story. Or possibly the Eyghon incident, which was pretty big for that Giles.
Give the Giles/Buffy a rest and write my prompt instead. This prompt will appear in a comment, I faithfully promise.
You are criminally neglecting the idea I will explain in a comment.
I'm still waiting for the promised Giles/giant squid epic.

Stuff I love reading in these seasonal fests:

Plotty genfic.
Shippy fic.
Long stories.
Shorter stories.
I'm post-literate and only care about the icon posts.

Hey! I couldn't help noticing that your response to the last poll was to write the option that got the fewest votes.

You can't sucker me into filling one of these out again.
I am clever, so I voted for the thing I wanted least.
But you must have known I was not a great fool, so clearly I must vote for the option I want most.
Oh, bah, you're immune to iocaine powder.

Why the continual references to the Orb?

Why not?
I mean, it's a great record.
I think UFOrb is better.
"Clytus, I'm bored. What plaything can you offer me today?""An obscure body in the S-K system, your majesty. The inhabitants refer to it as the planet Earth."

In other news, I'll be at constrictcon this year. Have booked all things that need booking. Hrm, except perhaps for a rental car.
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I hadn't been awaiting the Giles/Squid, but now I am!

Also: mmmmm, Giles/Xander...

Dr S.
I lied. I have two stories in progress already for my Spring with Xan day (Oz/Xander, Giles/Xander) and one that I'm pondering. So maybe it'll be a ficspam day.
Finish one. Tidy it up and get it off the list. That said, I'm a fool for calimari.
I really, really like stories which take mysticism and bonds and stuff seriously. BUT that does not mean you have to do the cliche route of mystic watcher-slayer bond leading to prawn. I like shippy stuff, but sometimes I get so sick of everything in fanfic being an excuse for sex.
That story is not not not prawn. There are references to off-stage sex, and there's violence, but not not not prawn.
I gave answers that are rather conflicting, so I thought I should expand a bit. Based on my current experience reading Remix fic, I'm over the moon to read plotty stuff. However, plotty tends to mean long, and it's hard when I'm trying to read as much as I can if it's long.

Whatever you choose, have fun.
The Remix story I'm over the moon about was plotty, I noticed. I have also noticed that the stories I'm most pleased with after the fact (by which I mean a year or more later) are the plotty ones. Gen or shippy, doesn't matter, so long as there's conflict and action.

I realize that feedback is a tricky way to judge these things, because there are lots of variables, but my longer stories get the most feedback. This makes me suspect lots of people hunger for the plots. For story.

I am likely to chase my own reading interests and write the time-travel story. sahiya was after me to write my own story with a Highgate Cemetery setting, taking advantage of the tour we did together of this amazing place. (Her SOG story will probably be set there!) And I figured out a way to integrate that into the time-travel story. So. I'm betting that's what I'll write. Long, plotty, sensawunda, horror, tragedy, and two interesting (and opposite) character arcs. AWESOME. I'm pretty sure my amnesiac future self will like reading this one.
I was going to say that I'd print your recommendation out and read it on my commute once I finish going through the Firefly fics, but heavenly day, it's 38,000 words. About 69 pages with fairly small font and margins. It'll still be on my short list of Remix fics to check out, but I'll need to get myself organized first. *g*

And the time travel thing with the Highgate Cemetery does sound intriguing.
Hey per ConStrict, I'll have a rental car and you're happy to borrow mine (or I can chauffeur (sp?) you)...pick you up at airport etc. Vegas taxis are all too often crooks; I've been ripped off more than once. Hotel has a pickup van but it's kind of a hassle on arrival (easier for departure).
Oh ho ho! It's mostly the to-from hotel thing I was fretting about. Have been in Vegas; it's a driving city.