Giles/Xander becoming

Remix pleasure to be had

Hey, peeps! Check out what an intrepid remixer did with "Substitute" (gen, Xander, Giles, post-Becoming): "Copper and Moonlight" (The Mimi and Rudolfo Remix)". The remix shifts the points of view to Giles as he gets through the day after "Becoming". Ouch. And ouch again.

The very handy remixredux08 tagging system means that it's easy to find all the Giles stories. Check 'em out. Remix is tons of fun.
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Nothing appropos of your above post, but were you aware there's a new series due to start starring ASH? "The Invisibles", in which he plays an aging safe-cracker.

And you appear to have noted my Rupert/Xander fic on a Giles watching com I didn't know existed. I received a few comments about it, which was lovely. Thank you.
I know this series is about to start, and my BitTorrent finger is twitching on the trigger. :)

And it is my great pleasure to snag all Gilesy links for the newsletter and get everybody more comments!