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Don't make me write another poll

I'm backing up my Macbook right now because [complicated story involving having to repartition the disk with the GUID scheme so I can install Leopard]. I figured I've got a brief interlude between fic deadlines, so I can afford to be without my Mac for a day or so. (The backup process is going to take 6 hours.)

Things I have done while without my writing computer:
- finishing the Telecaster (as soon as Mr P figures out where I screwed up the wiring, the guitar is done, and it is gorgeous)
- storing my for-trade BPAL in one of the plastic boxes the pickups came in
- doing laundry (never-ending)
- cleaning the kitchen (never-ending)
- refraining from playing WOW (one day at a time)
- napping (if only I could do more)

So! I am writing my own angsty Giles/Spike prompt for the hurt/comfort fest due at the end of the month. There are lots of unclaimed prompts, you'll notice, and a few days that won't have so many fics posted. Here are the dates that need more:

April 28 (Giles/Xander) [claimed: G/X post-Grave]
May 1 (Crossovers and Giles/Joyce) [claimed: Giles/Snape post-Gift]
May 2 (Giles/Ethan and Giles/Anya) [claimed: G/E post-Grave]
May 3 (Giles/Wes, Giles/other) [claimed: G/Wes post-Connor]

Tonight only! First-come first-served! Pick one prompt from each of those four days and I'll write it. (Er, not the Life on Mars prompt because I am only vaguely aware of what LoM is. Enthusiastic explanations in the comments welcome!) Probably it'll get a shorter response, 1500 words or something. I kinda enjoyed that ficspam thing I did in November, and would love to do it again.
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I'd certainly love a Giles/Xander!!! Looking at the unclaimed now...
Your choice, either the post-Gift or post-Grave.

Smut won't hurt, but follow your muse.

(And how funny, I was thinking of a LOM reference in something I'm tinkering with now.)
Giles/Snape; post-Gift and/or post-Grave (anywhere in the HP timeline) if you please.

I am intrigued by the notion of a Snape who does not know how things will turn out meeting a similarly stressed Giles while Giles is researching in England, but of course you may take it anywhere you like.
Wesley; gen or pairing; Giles takes care of Wesley after the whole Connor debacle

I think this one may have been mine, but it's hard to tell because there is a similar one and we both used the term 'debacle,' which was just weird. Anyway, I think that you could do a good job with this. I'd claim some more, but I've already got four and the one with Faith is turning into an epic (for me anyway).
Ooh, interesting. I have written G/Wes h/c post-Connor, but in that case it was really post-Grave and Wes was patching up Giles. That is, for some reason, my only G/Wes thus far, so I'm happy to have an excuse to try another!
Like anyone needs an excuse to write G/Wes! I've read your other one and loved it, so I figured that you'd do well with this one. Good luck!