"Fenrisulfr" gets some lub

Fang Fetish Awards round 8 winners were announced. This was their Mystical Origins round, with a section for Dawn and Connor stories. (Dawn seems to have been more popular than Connor.) "Fenrisulfr" was nodded to as runner-up for Best Dawn Pairing. The winner in that category was "Key to My Heart" by Spikeslovebite (Dawn/Xander).

Fang Fetish awards round 8 for Fenrisulfr

I'm kinda curious myself what happened the next morning.
Yeah, it is a nice banner! That's the sort of cool thing about these awards that I wasn't expecting: all the graphical goodies.
Thank you! And grats to you for all those readers for your HP story, which I will read very soon now.
Ooo-- I'll look forward to some concrit from you. I've been feeling sad to be drifting away from my first friends and fandom, though I am still trying (though my most recent fanfic judging experience was Painful.)