Okay here's a snippet of something I'm working on:

At any other time in her life, she would have loved Las Vegas.

There were clubs for dancing, hot men, serious shopping, yummy food beyond belief, hot men, and beyond serious shopping. Gambling she didn't care about one way or another and as someone who inhaled enough dust to last three life times, she hated the way every casino reeked of smoke. But still, if she had visited before Sunnydale had become a giant crater from hell, Buffy knew she would have loved Las Vegas.

Now, however, not so much.

Well, there was the shopping. If she could squeeze it in between killing the thing they needed to kill here.

As the limo stopped once more in bumper to bumper traffic along the strip, Buffy grimaced. The lights, the constantly moving and blaring video signs, the throngs of people both on foot and in cars, it all grated on her nerves. Both London and Rome were packed and crowded and often dirty, but they didn't smack you over the head with constant sensory overload.

Well, not in the same way. They had a different kind of overwhelmedness. One of sheer history. Of timelessness. Or something like that. This place wielded light and sound and crowdedness with all the subtlety of Carrot Top.

Just then, his face flashed before her on a giant screen advertising his show and Buffy groaned.

“Are you all right?” asked Giles, sitting across from her, concern radiating out of every pore. He'd been sitting there looking at the scroll that had brought them to Vegas in the first place ever since they'd gotten into the limo at the airport. Once she would have never understood how he could ignore everything around him, but now she knew better. If she asked, she was dead certain he would be able to tell her which streets they'd crossed and major landmarks they'd passed.

“Carrot Top,” she said as the limo started to move forward once more.

“Ah, yes. It does seem a shame that the Luxor couldn't do any better. But then the Blue Man Group is a hard act to follow,” said Giles, a small frown gracing his lips.
I love the detail of how he pays attention while seeming to be distracted. The absent-mindedness is appearance, not reality. Looking forward to the rest! :)
JK Philips has a new chapter of the Death Brings Clarity epic, this is cheering.
LOL at the Cobol. I think my favorite part is the vague screen burn in the background of the other screens. Ah, brings back memories of high school.
[LOL] I'd ask the developers how they think their framework will stand up to the new one by Google, but I didn't see a phone number on the site :(
Nah, I meant the Google App Engine. It's all python all the time for now, and is basically all of Amazon's separate web services (including Amazon payments or whatever its called) wrapped up in one big bundle.

*peeks at Ruby on JS* *jots down one more reason NOT to learn Javascript, hoping she is not deceiving herself*
That's interesting. It's competition with Amazon web services, not with Ruby/Rails/various scaling services. Interesting startup incubation... and yet another tortilla chip upon which Google can load the salsa of its advertising.
and yet another tortilla chip upon which Google can load the salsa of its advertising.
HA. I wonder how the project will do-- and what that'll mean for incendiary startups tired of paying Google for going over whatever limits are written in. Migration could be the biggest bitch ever, especially if Google was interested in keeping the apps on its turf.
Replacing the datastore is the only difficult aspect of migration, I should think. That's where all the serious magic is in any large web application. The rest of the framework is using Python standard stuff, at least as far as my first run through the docs says. Drop-in template engines, the Python web app cgi standard, everything playing by the rules.
Vat's with all the fretting? You are strong. You are smart. You are brave. You can do this. It'll be an awesome adventure. What's the worst thing that could happen? You need to write the book for you, not to get published. Lemme tell you, there are thousands of people who write and don't get into print. Do you know how many great writer have had to use vanity presses? Publishing is a ridiculous business. Just like all businesses. You know this. It cannot be the measure of one's success. Ooh, or skip the book all together and just write fanfic all day. You're already giving pleasure to the masses. You just don't make any money doing it. :)
Actually I had programming angst last night :) I decided that no sane person uses Ruby for any serious project, and pitched the fic archive project entirely. And rewrote in Python. Some time tonight I should reach feature parity with the previous version. (For grins, I will compare performance numbers. Whaddya think, Python version 5x faster? Or even more?)

This is serious procrastination on the Remix, btw.
Umm. This is late to be helpful to you probably, but I committed Rupert/Xander fic a few days ago. It is PWPish, and short, but maybe it would cheer you up if you still need cheering that is? It is going up on my journal later today. If I can get past the fear of posting it that is. All the new having-to-hiding-of-things behind links makes me nervous. And also, I don't know if it'd be your sort of thing. So that makes me nervous too. And this was supposed to be about helping you out, so I'll shut up now.

Caught 'The Duplicate' during my lunchbreak the other day, and was reminded all over again how hot Giles is. How could I have forgotten this? I've been staring at your sidebar picture of him for a few minutes now.

I recommend a good dose of Giles, for when you need distracting/cheering/motivating.
Don't fear the posting! I was terrified of posting my first time, too. Tiptoe-ing around mouse-like. It'll be fine! Rupert/Xander PWP is my kind of thing, so I look forward to reading. mmmm.
Ah, no. Sorry, didn't mean to mislead you. I've posted before, but it's been such a long time since I my last fic went up. I do this every time. Writer's nerves. For me it's always a bit like the end of a dating drought. But what if *this* one doesn't like me? Also, new to the pr0n writing. So that part is nerves for real.

It's more to do with tripping up over all the new Thought Police policies and not managing to post properly and such. Although I use tech a lot, and I do mean a *lot*, I'm always a bit vague about how it works. I'm surrounded by people who deal with all that for me, so I don't tend to think about it at all until something stops working or I need to learn a new way of using it.

BTW, am going to have another crack at using your migration tool to duplicate my entire journal over at Ij. When it didn't work last time, it was because I was using my old machine and Mac OS9. When that exploded in flames, I began using hubby's shiny new Mac, and I suspect it will work a lot better on this.