Oh noes! AUs in which they're all janitors meme!

Gakked from noelia_g, this amusing meme:
The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in, and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.
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Hmm, I want to write slash for this one, and it wants to feature Oz as a ranch-hand who's been infected with lycanthropy. Xander's father wants to shoot that damn wolf dead, but his son is strangely protective of it. Giles is the schoolteacher with the mysterious past who helps the young rancher find a cure for his boyfriend, and provides a quiet role model. At the end of the story, Ethan arrives with his saddlebags full of something mysterious, and the quiet schoolteacher turns out to be not so quiet.
I was trying to hold off replying while I answered my on, but who can wait that long?

I like it! I love the idea of Giles in an old-style schoolroom, living all formally by teacher rules.

Nice use of Ethan.

Dr S.
Oh man. A Buffyverse space opera AU. (Firefly doesn't count! *g*) Xander runs his mouth almost as much as Miles Vorkosigan, anyway.
Buffy has inherited an outwardly-junky but secretly fast courier/scout ship from a mysterious relative she didn't know she had. It comes complete with a grumpy but hypercompetent chief engineer (Giles) whom she dislikes at first but soon learns to appreciate. At least for his skills, if not for his solitary lifestyle, which can become tedious on board ship.

At her first port of call, delivering the cargo she inherited along with the ship, she rescues and is rescued by Xander and his friend Willow, in a high-comedy-with-risk caper involving a dockside bar, a distillery, and a red light district shootout. At the last moment Giles shows up and nails the bad guy with a perfect between-the-eyes shot, and the lot of them high-tail it out of the spaceport. It's the start of a beautiful friendship, not to mention a smuggling career.
I'll bite.


Talking animals-- Jungle Book (Disney or not.) Who'd be what animal? And oh-- how about Winnie the Pooh? Again, who'd be what character?

(And now I'm giggling madly imagining Winnie the Pooh with fangs, smoking a cigarette.....)
And with that hint, how can I not cast Spike as Pooh? Piglet is Xander, for this is a Spike/Xander story, I'm afraid. Giles is Wol. Joyce is Kanga. Buffy is Tigger. Willow is Rabbit.

Angel is Eeyore. Of course.

Hmm, that was unsatisfying. The Jungle Book retelling is theblackmare's province, of course, since she started work on it last summer. (And can we talk her into continuing for this year's SoG, do you think?)
That's almost as scary as Wee Hob's question about Charlie Brown Fanfic...

I'll see what I can do working on Lady theblackmare. She pings me on jabber every once in a while. I'd love to see her continue that storyline as well. And Finish "Bird Bone Flute,' too.

I think Spike should be Roo..... No, I guess that should be Dawn.
The one where the Scoobies run a restaurant (upscale, not a hamburger joint).
Can I possibly escape from the concept of Xander as "gunsel"? Oh, gawd. The Maltese Falcon, with Giles as Sam Spade, Ethan as Joel Cairo, Willow as Sam's secretary Effie, and Faith in a scorching role as Brigid O'Shaughnessy. Spike as Gutman in a hilarious bit of off-type casting?
Ha! You're just saying this because it's exactly what I asked noelia_g :)

I liked her scenario: Buffy as minor nobility, maid in waiting, pledged to one of the beefier stolid military types (Riley). Meanwhile, an older scholar (Giles) is smitten with her. Or even don't go that far AU: she's a Slayer, and he's her Watcher, and he has to cope with the obstacles of the court, his position, her position, and the unimaginative Riley.

If you want to ship Spike/Buffy here instead, Spike is a Frenchman, in the court to negotiate or perhaps to commit treason, nobody is sure. But Buffy is sure he means well, because she's the only one he's close to.
Really? Are you serious? How random! I didn't even go and look over there! *Goes to look, then laughs* My god, you totally did! How weird.

I'm a little more preferential to Buffy/Giles, but write whatever your feeling. It's all good.
Oh wow: retell "A Scandal in Bohemia" with Ian Adler, the scandalous stage actor, who utterly bewitches the clever Miss Shirley Holmes. Adler attempts to smuggle out his incriminating photograph by dressing in devastating drag. Miss Holmes makes rather a career of dressing as a man herself, and the two strike sparks while each convinced the other is the opposite sex. They discover the truth in the midst of a first encounter that features verbal pyrotechnics as each confesses the truth in ambiguous terms that the other misunderstands until the truth is revealed. Ends with Holmes topping Adler.

Jenny Watson is, meanwhile, dreadfully amused, and makes idle time with police inspector Lestrade.