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Weekend observations

  • Have been jangly, grumpy, and procrastinatory all weekend.
  • Despite this, had a great time looking at expensive kitchen appliances with nemaihne, then acting as designated driver for an evening at Trader Vic's for the four of us.
  • Galaxy Quest stays funny.
  • Made some solid progress on the web app for the fic archive generator, despite the extreme perversity of my framework choices for it.
  • It's way harder to write dirty talk than you'd think. (This is the secret reason why the next tagfic is taking ages.)
  • I'm extremely fond of Core Four smut. Or smarm. Or any kind of togetherness for them. But especially the variant of soul-bonding!CoreFour I have chosen to inflict upon the world.
  • If I don't start my Remix fic soon, I'll be screwed. And not in the good way. I know what story I want to do, I know what my approach is, and I know more or less how it's going to go. And yet.. too jangly to start it.
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