Weekend observations

  • Have been jangly, grumpy, and procrastinatory all weekend.
  • Despite this, had a great time looking at expensive kitchen appliances with nemaihne, then acting as designated driver for an evening at Trader Vic's for the four of us.
  • Galaxy Quest stays funny.
  • Made some solid progress on the web app for the fic archive generator, despite the extreme perversity of my framework choices for it.
  • It's way harder to write dirty talk than you'd think. (This is the secret reason why the next tagfic is taking ages.)
  • I'm extremely fond of Core Four smut. Or smarm. Or any kind of togetherness for them. But especially the variant of soul-bonding!CoreFour I have chosen to inflict upon the world.
  • If I don't start my Remix fic soon, I'll be screwed. And not in the good way. I know what story I want to do, I know what my approach is, and I know more or less how it's going to go. And yet.. too jangly to start it.
  • Current Music: Definition of Light : Jeff Woodall : Afterworld
Artic Monkeys remind me of the early 80's. I am much less
jangly now & can enjoy the anti-social fun. I think Giles listens when he's jangly. Am I correct? (He lives in the corner of your writing room, so you oughta know.)
Giles, when jangly, listens to Music for Airports. I know this, because he put it on for Xander when he was in a bad spot.
Unhappy since Friday still? What's the story, morning glory?

Dirty talk is difficult to write, but well, well worth the effort. Gotta be my favorite kink by far. And Galaxy Quest is always funny. "Did you guys ever watch the show?" makes me laugh every time I see it. But simple things make me happy. At least when I let them. I've spent the day fairly miserable myself, so I've got nothing peppy and pithy to offer.
My favorite line is Sigourney Weaver's: "I've got one job on this ship. It's a stupid job, but I'm going to do it." Kills me. As does Rickman's delivery of, "By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings."

Will continue to struggle with the dirty talk tomorrow. Or not. I might forcibly take all my other projects away from myself until I get at least a few hundred words of this remix cooking. I need to find some music to help the mood. I've been listening to a lot of abstract electronic stuff recently, which is all head-space-y and not body-space-y.
Hope the jangliness eases soon! [sends tea]
Another of my favorite lines from Galaxy Quest is Sigourney Weaver's "I remember that sound! That's a bad sound!" In tight spots I am sometimes tempted to yell "Digitize me, Fred!"

I hear you on the jangly. To quote another unfailingly amusing movie, I'm hoping for a late surge.
There was a piece of classic Trek fanfic, actually a pair of pieces: "Visit to a Strange Planet", and "Visit to a Strange Planet Revisited", published in The New Voyages back when fanfic was briefly respectable. A transporter accident swaps the actors and the real Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Both sets of people have to deal.

"I can see where the ears went on," says the real Scotty, holding a real phaser on Nimoy, who doesn't entirely take it seriously.

Huh, an early example of RPF, I guess!

ETA: I was going to say something to tie this all in with your comment, but now I've forgotten what I was thinking when I started typing. Doh.

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That reminds me to try to get my hands on a copy of The New Voyages, which I could never find when I first heard about it in high school. :)
Amazon has lots of used copies! I think the real-people-on-the-fake-set story was in the second anthology. Also an example of people writing fic of the fic, if I recall all this correctly, because the actor-fic was a response to the Kirk-on-set fic.

Hmm. I have all this stuff in a box somewhere. (Mr P thinks tie-in novels are even more shameful than fanfiction.)
My personal favorite line from GQ
"I see you managed to lose the shirt." Delivered without any movement of Teh Lips whatsoever.
Re: My personal favorite line from GQ
Rickman was faboo. The only cast member I never warmed to was Rockwell as the redshirt.
Oh Galaxy Quest does stay funny. "Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!" I adore the stupid choppers. Also, "does the rolling help?" Sigourney got so many great lines.
Tim Allen's Shatner was fabulous. The way he sat in that command chair: dead on.

I also liked Shalhoub's line after he arrives in the transporter room: "That was a hell of a thing." He stole every scene he was in.
He really did, didn't he? I loved the way everyone else was space-sick while his character sat there eating those tiny little cheese & crackers because he was high. Awesome.

It was because of his amazingness in Galaxy Quest that I was willing to watch a couple episodes of "Monk". Did you see that episode with the garbage strike? When I am flipping channels that episode is always on somewhere, and it's just hysterical. The bit about the cat having the bowel movement on the carpet in the dining room, the way he delivers the "you can never eat in that room again" line. The bit about the "new city smell" and "straightening out Lombard St. while we're at it". I've seen a few other episodes and the writing wasn't as good, but for some reason his dry, dead-on delivery in this episode always makes me laugh until tears come.
P.S., Tim Allen really did do a perfect Shatner. Apparently Shatner himself thought this was the funniest thing ever.