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State of the projects: a survey

Due dates:
April 12: Remix Redux story
May 3: Giles/Spike h/c
May 11: something for spring_with_xan

Otherwise in fic production news, here's the story:

Have outlined the next 6 segments of Blackmail part 3, "Liegeman". Started writing chunks of it last night, jumping around a bunch to the parts that interested me at the moment. I think the plan is to have a complete draft of the remaining pieces, then revise + post them one at a time. The kink goes more hardcore in the final segment, and there's a bit in the middle that gets me into questionable sexual politics territory. You can all hate me later.

Hit a thousand words in the Oz/Xander prawn. Half done. 0 words of Giles/Xander follow-on written, but I know how it goes. All that's left is... the hard part.

Wrote about 50 more words of Giles/Ethan elliptical h/c-ish sex. It's hard for me to describe this as "smut", because it's, um, not.

Opened the file for "Rough Boys" draft 2, wept, closed it again.

Re-read the 50,000 existing words of the Breaking-Glass-verse novel, repeated to self that I'd really like to have that finished, wept, closed the file again.

Stared at browser tab open with my chosen Remix target, wept, hid the tab.

Let's move on to things you can read and enjoy right this instant.

Two serial WIPs for you to check out this week, one of which is coming to a finish, and one of which looks to be still in the warm-up phase:
nwhepcat's "House of Women" - post-series, Cleveland, Xander/Faith, with a houseful of new-minted Slayers and readjusting former Watchers. Like, oh, Giles and Wesley.
ljs: Safe Space - Giles/Anya natch, with what I can only describe as a cameo-crossover, surprising and entirely satisfying. (I cheated and read the latest segment even though I haven't read most of the middle ones yet, gah, bad fan me.)
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