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Progress report

The BG archive: 1467 stories totalling 10,929,175 words by 203 authors. Those numbers will go up, because I have one last class of parsing to implement. Takes forever to regenerate all the files-- will need to improve performance somehow. Perhaps by rewriting the entire system in Python and SQLObject or something. I haven't written a single line of code for the webapp segment of the project, so that's actually feasible. I could write off the Ruby phase as problem space exploration. (It's possible I'm over-Rabbiting this.) It's all in Trac if you're curious.

I have yielded to temptation exactly once, and changed the source files in only one case. I fixed this:
E-MAIL: <a href="mscribe_angelfire.html"></a><br>

The rest of the sloppy, old-fashioned, invalid, incorrect, inconsistent, [EXPLETIVE DELETED] html I have been parsing intact. I used both hpricot and a big pile of regexps.

Yes, that was tedious. I should have blogged it on my real-name blog, where my geek pals would have wondered why the heck I'm bothering with that fanfic crap.

It's curious to me that all the order in my mind doesn't translate into order in the world around me. I will have fits during which I alphabetize my CDs, but the war against clutter is one I do not fight. Except now. Time to set aside the weekend hackaging and move on to the other half of the kitchen.

0 words of Giles/Xander written so far, which is frustrating because the idea is hammering at me.
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