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On the plus side, I finally settled on a story to remix.

I'm totally fried following a 7-hour pair programming session with a tragically embrangled young coworker, who is now de-embrangled. Next I will teach him to be bold. I am now officially a crusty old programmer, passing along lessons that I recall receiving from crusty old programmers early in my career.

Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. Are you enlightened, grasshopper?

So given that my brain is fried, what shall I do tonight? Watch mindless TV? The Vudu doesn't have The Matrix in HD. I pout. ... and this movie is way cool-looking, and way stupid. And it has a shocking amount of exposition. Hmm.

I think maybe I'll write Giles and Xander playing snooker instead. First I have to find out what "snooker" is, because I'm thinking it's not 8-ball.
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