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And now! With an atom feed! Fairly useless, but I wanted to dust off my Ruby atom feed generator. I need to clean it up a bit. It's quite pythonic in idiom.

Yesterday's story references a bit of personal canon about the Giles family: that Lionel Giles, who did an early translation of the The Art of War, was Rupert Giles's great-grandfather. One may further speculate about Slayers, their Watchers, and the actions of certain vampires during the Boxer Rebellion.

Tell me about similar bits of personal canon you have, where real history fits in neatly with fiction.

Random: Garfield without Garfield. Pure genius.
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Tell me about similar bits of personal fanon you have, where real history fits in neatly with fiction.

In my personal fanon, there is a Hellmouth in Finland and it's located under the central marketplace of Tampere. Reportedly, when the city was founded, there was a plan to build four churches in the city center, one in each corner of the marketplace. What else but a Hellmouth would need four churches to contain it? :)

(and canon supports me - in one scene set in the Watcher's Headquarters, there is a map of the world visible on the background, and Southern Finland has a similar square around it as Southern California)
This is fabulous personal canon! I might adopt the four-church-containment concept for a story some day. A tiny little town, with ... how about five churches as the points of a giant pentagram, containing something rather nasty?
In the Sniggsverse the Queen knows all about the Watchers' Council and once a week has a formal half hourly meeting with its head, as she does in real life with the Prime Minister.

When Giles takes over the Council this meeting becomes pretty much his favourite 30 minutes of the entire week and he absolutley adores Her Majesty. The Scoobies find this amusing and he is much teased.
Hmmm...I don't think I actually have anything like that in my personal canon, though I'm certainly open. I like your bit. That makes complete sense.

Also, they're right: Garfield is much, much funnier when Garfield isn't there.
This doesn't have to do with real history, but I think Giles' Watcher grandmother was a Giles by birth, and married a distant cousin (a la Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt) so she didn't have to change her name.
Yes, absolutely, as long as I can still use it if/when it ever comes up for me. :)