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Thank goodness for third hands.

Spent my morning soldering and drilling. Now the only thing standing between me and a finished Telecaster is string ferrules. I got the wrong size. I ordered the right size (I think; there seem to be only two) from StewMac, but it'll take a few days. Meanwhile, I have plenty of time to finish my soldering, and wonder if I really put enough coats of tung oil on the body. The next bit of soldering fixes the controls to the body, because it's the pickup wiring.

nutterbudgie is forbidden to look at my soldering. There's only so much mockery I can take.

I've had most of the components of this guitar sitting neatly in bins for three years now. Finishing it is part of Project Reclaim My Life. Guitar lessons will follow if I get up the courage.

What's interesting to observe is how the Stratocaster takes the manufacturing awkwardness of the Telecaster and refines it away. The Tele needs to be wired in place; the Strat can be wired up on the pickguard, which gets screwed into place later. (Except for the final connection to the output jack.) Both guitars feature a bolt-on neck that can be made separately and attached later. These guitars are cheap to make. Cheap to build, cheap to own: a musical revolution results.

Have I ever mentioned that I think a boundless appetite for trivia is useful for writers? (NB: Rationalization!)

2000+ words of Blackmail chapter finished. It's the first part of yet another 7-part mini arc. This arc is called "Liegeman", and I think (but am unsure) that the title is "Mind Games". It's nearly all conversation. What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation? This conversation is way too on the nose at the moment, but it does at least introduce a couple of plot threads I think are important. I hope to post tonight. Standing in the way of that plan is a plan to eat a lot of traditional food at the home of nemaihne while playing a lot of Rock Band. With fake guitars.
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